The New Sofa

We travel in a RV and I have found one of my favorite paddling positions is to put my knees on the sofa seat and bend over and put my arms on the sofa back. Bogey sits on the sofa next to me and holds me with his left arm. It’s a really good position for both of us.

Alas, I feel deprived when I am at home.  This winter we bought a new sofa for the living room.  This week, while lamenting that we aren’t traveling and aren’t using the sofa in the RV properly, Bogey suggested (actually told me) to go to the living room and assume the position.  It’s a wonderful sofa – it’s very comfortable and it’s also very good for a paddling.

Bogey had found a forgotten paddle this week.  He decided it should be tested out on the new sofa – I wish it had continued to be forgotten.  It has quite a sting and the sting lasts for quite a while after the paddling.  Today, I put on pink panties and Bogey got one of our leather paddles.  We went into the living room, and I given the most delicious pops with it.     And then – the workmen arrived!  Oh well, I guess a girl can’t have it all.

To be continued


2 thoughts on “The New Sofa”

  1. As a youngster, LP's came in long and extended play versions. I told her she has an extended play version coming up. She gulped. But I know is secretly looking forward to it. Perhaps she will favor us with another one of her little stories.


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