Time To Settle Up

I saw this picture on another Blog recently. I would guess it’s from 1970’s based on the hairdo and lingerie.


I guess it shows my age when I say I like the look. I would gladly bend over the sofa and eagerly await the sting of her paddle.

6 thoughts on “Time To Settle Up”

  1. I'm thumbs up (and other body parts…LOL) on this picture too! Love the stockings and old school nylon panties. At the risk of dating myself as well let me state unequivocably that there are few things in life that feel nicer than a woman's bottom beneath a pair of soft, silky nylon panties!

    Makes a fella' almost feel sorry for today's generation having to make a decent fantasy out of pantyhose, cotton and polyester!

    P.S. She's also got that “look” in her eyes that sends a warning tingle right to a fella's backside. Wouldn't have to say a word, everything I need to know is right there in her eyes… time to unbuckle, drop the jeans and get my butt over the arm of that couch!

  2. Looks like a still from a vintage 70's adult film.
    Her shadow in the background gives the picture an even more “dirty” feel. In a good way! ;0)
    Only thing missing is the telephone number, and Motel address to schedule an appointment.
    The raw and edgy look she has would make me a taker for sure!

  3. It's the legendary Abi – a Welsh nylons, sex and spanking gal (and college graduate) living in the USA during the '80s. There were 10 galleries of her on Vintage Stockings Forum- sadly this site recently disappeared.

  4. Hi there
    A truly energising image and one to file away in the mind for later use with closed eyes and privacy. The photo reminds me of those that were published many years ago in the original version of the magazine Janus, when it was published as a 4”x6” booklet. I was thrilled when I discovered Janus in the early Seventies and I could see that I was not the only person in the world who wanted to smack bottoms (or be smacked). Oh happy days, but now so far away.
    Michael M

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