Caption This

The clever lass Hermione frequently has Complete the Caption posts. So this goes out to her. The entire caption is up to your fertile imagination. PS, not being very fertile, I have already taken WTF.

explain this one to me

Note the mischievous smiles on both women. What is going on? A photo shoot?

6 thoughts on “Caption This”

  1. “I am taking these back Emily and then I am going to spank you for borrowing my underwear without permission. You know how expensive it is these days.”

  2. “Unbuckle the strap,
    loosen the tensioned girths,
    unhook the two securing braces,
    release the waist grip
    and down they come”

    1950s underwear could be a little complicated!


  3. “Where did you get that sexually exciting garter-belt”. Said the lady that was pulling down my panties. “Oh my dear, I got it from that nice Canadian lady, who writes that spanking blog, called 'Hermoine's Heart'”.I answered her with a wink and smile.

  4. “Of course you get some choice in all this, my disobedient bare-bottomed daughter. So which would you prefer me to use first, the razor strop or the Spencer paddle?” –C.K.

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