Toy Shopping

I must be really getting old, since in the last few weeks I am remembering things that have not crossed my wee brain in a very LONG time.

We were at some beachside beachwear establishment in the Florida panhandle. We discovered they had some kinky stuff in a back room. We were with a pure vanilla couple, but we sometimes play fast and loose. Bacall found a small flogger and decided to test it on her bare legs. That elicited a loud Owwww! Her gf asked why she had hit herself, Bacall said it seemed like the thing to do.

Another time in Coconut Grove, we found ourselves in the Pink Pussycat, an adult store. Bacall found a black leather pig slapper that she was almost positive that she just had to have. She asked the guy behind the counter if she could try it out. Fine with him. So she bent over the counter and I started whacking her with it. She purred.

Now here’s the part that we thought most interesting. There was another couple in the store examining a $250 vibrator that had lights and all sorts of things that whirled around. They gave us their best look of extreme displeasure to condemn our conduct.

So we bought the slapper and as we walked out, I gave Bacall a slap when we were right behind them.

Life is nothing but a dash and you should have fun during it.

Have a good weekend!

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