Boat Paddles

Everyone’s favorite Blogger Hermione had a post about boat paddles a week or so back. [How was that for sucking up?] Her post reminded me of something we did some years back. Bacall decided that our spare boat paddle would make a marvelous birthday present to a spanking companion.

Of course, I was obliged to use the boat paddle on her. I know, I know, it was difficult, but I sucked it up and paddled her little bottom until it was crimson red.


The amazing thing about this is that I can still wear that same shirt after all these years.

Later, we bought a souvenir paddle for ourselves. It’s 18 inches long with a fish painted on one side. It hangs in our RV ready for use. It has plenty of sting.


If you enlarge the picture you will see that it cracked lengthwise and was repaired. Bacall has a long history of having paddles broken on her.

4 thoughts on “Boat Paddles”

  1. Bogey and Bacall:
    Happy New Year to both of you. Fun to read your blog. May there be many more spankings in the new year for both of you, and for many years to come. Hope you buy more paddles, and I think I will look for them soon. Where did you find them? Dick's, …

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