On the Home Front

Paddlings here continue with no abatement.

I have Blogged about how Bacall loves to paddle me OTK and how that is my least favorite position. I have also written that it is the most effective position. She likes to paddle me hard and fast OTK. Before she gets to 10 licks I am squirming around and kicking my legs. I think I made it to 20 licks once, usually I get up before that number is reached. I am a wuss.

About a week before Christmas, I offered my bottom to her for an OTK paddling. She accepted. She got out the stingy red paddle and went to work. I escaped after a dozen or so. I wish I could stay over her lap until she got her fill.

I watched a clip of a gal paddling a man a week or so back. She paddled his bare bottom with a fine wood paddle and while he was quite vocal and kicked his legs; he stayed in position well past 60 licks. I have no idea how anyone does that.

OK, I have paddled woman like that until I was out of breath and they were getting their second wind. But hey, they can do child birth, so a paddling for them must be a lot easier.

We enjoyed our version of the 12 days of Christmas and the Santa spoon is put away for another year.

Bacall told me that when she put on a certain pair of red panties, that I should toast her fanny with the red paddle that she has a love hate relationship with. About a week later, she was in those panties and so she got her bottom warmed up. These particular panties completely expose her bottom when she bends over. She always forgets that little fact. Be right back Or does she? A gal does not have to tell all.


Not Bacall, but a nice picture.

One thought on “On the Home Front”

  1. Hi
    Good to hear that there is no noise abatement at your place and that the smack of paddling continues. The honey with the heart is a peach.
    After a long drought of ten days or so during which I thought that our D/s affair had dried up there was a mention of “sorting you out this Friday” by my wife. So maybe the New Year will get off to a cracking start once again.
    Enjoy the week – much snow where you are?
    Michael M

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