Some of my best memories in talking with others about spanking include the efforts of women to get spanked. Like one gals high school efforts to be paddled by her favorite male teacher. She stayed after class to point out to the teacher that if she were of the other gender, he would have used the paddle and it did not seem fair that he would not paddle her for the same offence. Yep, that’s what she told me. Buttressed with her girl chum who did the same thing, they argued with the teacher to get paddled. He did not buy into their argument. I gave her a make up paddling.

Another gal related her many sessions with the paddle in a private school. She would not change her behavior or cry. So the paddling’s escalated to bare bottom with her Mother as a witness. He would have her bend over the back of chair and paddle away. She was proud of being able to take it and not give him a single tear. She proved it to me also.

Another lass shopping for dining room furniture and told me she bent over the back of the chairs at the store to see if they would work for her. They did. She demonstrated her pose to me while I paddled her bottom.

We whiled away a cold winter afternoon with her trying on almost every panty she had and getting paddled in every one.

Those memories come quickly to mind, more later. Meanwhile, why not share some of your spanking memories?


3 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. Hi. Sorry I have not left a comment for a while.
    I enjoyed the last few posts.
    One of my best memories is when I met up with an old girlfriend after a couple of years apart whilst we were both at college. We had lost our virginity to each other whilst still in the sixth form and had parted amicably to go off on our University adventures. After a drink in a pub in London we gravitated back to my room in my shared flat having a coffee and a chat and I left the room for a moment. I was pretty sure that we would end up in my bed but was not taking anything for granted. When I returned she was looking in the drawer and had found some copies of Janus. (This was the Seventies and they were small size magazines in those days). She carried on looking at one of the magazines whilst I lit a cigarette and watched her. (Yes, you could smoke inside in those days!) After a moment she looked up at me and asked if I wanted to spank her.
    I said yes, because looking at someone’s private things was naughty and they should be spanked. I didn’t think she would go through with her suggestion and watched with a beating heart as she stood up and undid her jeans revealing some cute knickers. I put the cigarette out quickly and sat on the edge of the bed. She lay over my lap and I hesitated. This was all too fantastic to believe. She turned her head back and said that it would be my turn in a minute so I should make the most of my chance. It was all over far too quickly. I rushed the spanking and she was on her feet pretending to look sad and sore, but I hadn’t really hurt her. Taking off her jeans completely, she picked up the magazine again and told me to drop my pants. Her acting was much better than mine and she lectured me about reading magazines like this and how naughty boys needed spanking regularly. As she pulled me across her knee she laid the magazine on the floor and told me to start reading one of the letters aloud. You can imagine how stiff I was at this stage and as her hand caressed my bottom I came on her bare legs in a few seconds. I lay there embarrassed and sticky and she started to spank me hard. Once it was over I struggled to my feet and stood looking a bit foolish until she told me to get a handkerchief and wipe her down. She pulled off the rest of her clothes and got under the bedcovers and I quickly did the same. We kissed and fell asleep and when we were both awake we went at sex with gusto. On the next day she left to go back to her university town and we never met up again. I often wonder if I should have been bold and asked her to stay with me and maybe marry her. Who knows how things would have turned out.?

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