Bacall Paddles Bogey

Thursday: Bacall must have really enjoyed what I gave her yesterday, as today she told me she is going to tune me up in the morning. The batten will be applied to my legs and some paddles that have not been out of the toy bag in years will be used on my bottom. She told me to think about it all day. OK, I’m thinking. I decided I will put on a thong for my session. The idea of coming to my paddling fully bare in the back excites me. Of course, she may be thinking about putting me in panties. That’s fine, but tomorrow, I would prefer the thong, which is really nothing more than a slightly fancy athletic supporter. It keeps my thingie out of the way of the batten.

Friday: It happened. She kept reminding me about it all day Thursday and she took care of business first thing today. She wore white, a panty girdle and bra. I wore my white thong. Two dozen on the legs and two dozen on the bottom. I re-learned that a double thick latigo leather strap can burn. And where the heck did the paddle that reads That which hurts, often instructs come from? It’s about equal thud and sting.

We hope your weekend is enjoyable

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