She Got What She Wanted

Had you been here yesterday you would have seen Bacall in her unmentionables, black bra and panties and a black gauzy, lacey half-slip. The slip activates something in her distant memory and puts her in the mood for a good going over.

I started her out with my palm on her bottom. That raises her temperature rather quickly and gets the ouch’s and oows out of the way. I continued with various leather and wood toys until I could see through her slip that  she was nicely red.

For the coup de grâce, I put on her wrist and ankle cuffs. A spreader bar went between the lower cuffs, while her arms were attached to the door at head height. To complete the effect, I put on her blindfold. While I rolled her nipples between my fingers and played with her bits;  I whispered in her ear that she now had to take her licks as she had no option. Like most spanko’s she likes the force fantasy.

I then lowered her slip and panties and paddled her with her red paddle. I gave her six and she thought she was done. I then told her to stick her bottom back out as she had to take another eight. And there were more after that.

The only loud screams and moans I heard from her was after I took her down from the door. I wonder if the neighbors heard her?

One thought on “She Got What She Wanted”

  1. Sounds like you both had a fabulous time. Congratulations, and obviously your pleasurable comeuppance would happen the next day.

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