This Makes My Breath A Little Quicker

The classic pose – short skirt, hose and heels, sitting in an armless chair with a paddle suited to OTK application. If she puts the paddle to you rapidly, you will be ablaze in short order.


OTK is my least fav position, but a picture like this always stokes my fires.

2 thoughts on “This Makes My Breath A Little Quicker”

  1. Classic indeed!
    Would love to be able to share first hand what happens next, when a guy such as myself, enters a room with a female waiting in this very same pose.
    Do you always need to “be careful what you wish for”?

  2. This is perfect. Makes my breath a LOT quicker. She is so feminine, strong, beautiful, persuasive.

    When she looks like this, I am fully willing to go over her lap and let her test my limits.

    I am willing–though never really prepared.

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