Love Our Lurkers

Dear Readers, Your day has arrived. Lurkers or regular commenters, why not say Hello to us today.

It does not matter what you say, anything would be most welcome.

I don’t always comment on the Blogs I read, as usually have nothing add. But today is different, no need to be clever or witty.

12 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers”

  1. Happy LOL day, Bogey and Bacall! I've only recently discovered your blog and since then I stop by regularly.

    Many greetings from Germany,

  2. Hello Bogie and Bacall! I've been a reader for some time, but I don't think I've commented, so that makes me a lurker. I enjoy your site, especially the your reflections on spanko topics–and the photos of course.

  3. Hi
    I pass by daily and enjoy your topics.
    The direction you take is a good one. You are lucky to both be spankos.
    PS – check out the video on the blog Accountomaxshouse.blogspot for Monday 18th October.(It is at the end). It is right up your street.
    Good luck for a nice panty spanking weekend.

  4. Folks,
    From day one I have always felt engaged by the two of you.
    Nothing is ever pretentious.
    Although my love of the paddle may make me a bias reader, I always feel I leave the site with positive thoughts.
    As readers we are fortunate that you share snippets of what sounds like a great life.

  5. Well, its a few days late but the roof has been caving in around us (quite literally).

    Anyway, just joining in to say hello and how much we enjoy reading your blog.

    Ken and Cora

  6. Hi! I check you guys out about every week or so, so thought I'd say hi. Though I'm a bottom and a gals gal, I love it when Bacall is the one doing the paddling. 🙂



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