Short Skirts and High Heels

This is an excerpt from an article. I do not agree with the conclusion. But, who knows?

Short skirts, black pantyhose, and especially high heels are all there to optically lengthen the legs. Stiletto heels, long legs, femininity, sex, these are strongly associated for all of us who have been brought up with television and suchlike media.

Now add a little more male/female biology, one being able to perform reproductively several times a day, the other having to at least spend nine months and partially her own health. Obviously, male primates can spread their sperm more effectively by inseminating many easy targets instead of chasing around hard to get alpha females just to be rejected. Especially for males, sex is aggression. Testosterone makes us aggressive. Rape fantasies are very common among men, even if they do not admit it. High heels make you walk in a way – well – how can I say this – they say it stresses or “pronounces” your hips and what not, but recent results indicate that this is not quite effective as long as the males do not directly see the shoes, so lets be serious here: High heels impair and it simply looks easier to chase down – the male brain understands this regardless of whether you know or agree. The shoes render the female more vulnerable, an easy and safe target to mate.

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