Gal With a Cane


Her crossed ankles make this an interesting picture to me. Otherwise it would be almost ordinary. Of course, the short skirt and heels are also interesting. Are the pillows for someone to lay on while she lays on the cane?

I can just as easily see her pulling her skirt up and passing me the cane.

3 thoughts on “Gal With a Cane”

  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was that she was on her way to deliver that cane so it could stripe her behind.
    The scissor aspect of her legs, coupled with the fact that it is B&W make for an enticing image.
    Should she also be adept at applying strokes; SIGH :0()

  2. Hi
    She is weary of the delay as he struggles to remove his shoes, socks and pants and she is resting one foot by taking the weight on the other. I suspect that she is counting the seconds and adding them as extra strokes to his already harsh sentence.
    Best wishes

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