To Old To Cut The Mustard?

Foreign readers may wish to Google the origin of this phrase.

Younger spanking enthusiasts puzzel out how to spank without the kids hearing. Empty nesters don’t have that problem, but sooner or later men lose the ability to enjoy late evening activities. Still older men lose the ability to maintain an erection without the aid of little blue pills. I am so thankful that some studied chemistry!

We are feeling the effects of maturing, but we can still cut the mustard. Not as late in the day as we once could and not as often as we once could. Heck, to be honest we are not even as good once as we once were. But, we still enjoy playing the game.

7 thoughts on “To Old To Cut The Mustard?”

  1. Hi there. Good to see you are back on air, presumably with the new pc. So you are using the blue pills to enable you to stand proud.
    My partner is too concerned about the side effects to let me try these and I could not take one on the QT, without some explanation of their main effect. We just have to let nature take its course and do it more successfully in the afternoon.
    Things have been a bit quiet here on the spankings. I am hoping for better things next week.
    If you are missing the summer take a look at Think Pink blog.
    Best wishes

  2. “To old to cut the mustard” haven't heard that in a long time. There were quite a few songs, one I remember hearing I think by Dietrich.

    Age get to us all

    Happy to see you back.


  3. That's very interesting, because I always think of mustard as a plant, and thought that not being able to cut it meant not being able to harvest it.

    Luckily, anyone can enjoy giving or receiving a good spanking without the need for pills – blue or otherwise.


  4. To borrow a line, and or to finish yours…
    You both are “as good once as you ever were”. 😉
    No doubt of that in my mind!
    Shaw may have a point about youth, but having an amorous disposition, as well as an appreciation for spank are akin to having celebrated more Birthdays than less.

  5. One is never to old to cut the mustard in my opinion. If I could spank Sarah Palin, Helen Mirren, or Katie Couric, as three naughty women they are, I would be in heaven. To spank their voloptous bare bottoms, would be a delight.

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