I Am Thrilled

I am thrilled to see that erotic and play spankings are well represented in the poll – 40%. It seems to me that discipline orientated Blogs predominate, but maybe erotic spanko’s are not so much for Blogging and are not well represented? Perhaps they are happy and see no reason to Blog?

6 thoughts on “I Am Thrilled”

  1. It does seem like most of the blogs that are popping up these days are DD related. Hooray for those of us who can enjoy spanking for its own sexy sake, without attaching baggage to it.


  2. Erotic is certainly our choice but many [though not most] of the accounts on DD sites have a matter of fact quality or, occasionally, some light-hearted overtones that I find to be highly charged, tension producing in a good way.


  3. When asked what I like about this Blog by those I have shared it with, my answer is always the same.
    The non pretentious nature of two people who enjoy each other, and benefit from their mutual enjoyment of implementing spanking in their lives.
    That opinions and dialogue are shared, sans silly punishment scenarios became engaging for me from day one.
    The pictures are fun no doubt, but the true talent of our host is exposing spank for what it truly is; the best free sexual condiment ever created! ;0}
    No liberties were meant to be taken.

  4. Hi
    I guess it is possible that there is a majority
    of spankos who would like to be in a mutual, switching, erotic spanking situation such as your own.
    I cannot speak for female spankos, of course, but as a male version I would be delighted to have a partner who is as fully into the spanking scene as I am.
    Perhaps it is the case that the male or female who is the spanko, in a non mutual relationship, has to make the relationship a DD one in order to get the spanking kicks they desire.
    We are currently in a non-spanking phase of the moon, due to work and family commitments but I hope that we will be back to normal in a few weeks.
    It takes effort as we all know.

  5. Hi B&B,

    I believe a lot of those discipline-oriented blogs are authored by people who also enjoy recreational tail-warmings. As a result, there's no shortage of fun or erotic spankings among bloggers!


  6. We are married 27 years and are 50+. In the last year,I finally had the nerve to ask for spankings for stress relief. Not into role play or discipline at all. My dear wife agreed to spank me hard enough with paddle and spoons to warm my backside and to her glee an amazing hardon for her. We agreed on a Saturday ritual for many months in every room in the house. My bottom spanked followed by sex. Everyone happy! Then something interesting happened, one day after she finished and before our romp, I grabbed the leather paddle and gave her a few whacks. She froze in place. Not in fear, but in anticipation of more. When she gets spanked she gets very quiet, seemingly lost in another world but totally yielding. It was not long before I used the vibrator on her while spanking her pink. The combination of being spanked while having the vibrator well positioned sends her to Never Neverland. There are more of us out here, in our case, we are exploring these new options. Empty nesting,it's the best!

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