The Principal and Her Paddle

paddle principals

I saw this picture on another Blog. [Sorry can not recall the Blog] The principal asserted that having the paddle on display reduced the number of times she had to use it.

Having been a repeat offender through out school, I don’t think he public display of a paddle would have saved my bottom even once.

10 thoughts on “The Principal and Her Paddle”

  1. My love for the paddle coupled with my curiosity (anticipation) to be on the receiving end, makes this picture a winner for me.
    Anxious if not aroused, just seeing her motioning towards it, is anything but a deterrent for me.
    Let her know I have been without a Hall Pass for quite some time. Seeing the photo makes me realize, now is the time to come clean.

  2. From the looks of the dimples in her right arm, either she is left handed or she has not been wearing out nearly enough teenage boys' bottoms!!!!

  3. @redxxx – There are still many states in the US where school paddling is permitted … mostly in the South and Midwest. Often, it is either not used or prohibited by local Board of Ed rule despite law. Still, the paddle continues to be used quite often in some Deep South jurisdictions and Texas.

  4. This lady looks just like my 4th grade teacher. I was scared to death of getting spanked by her because she spanked so hard but I sure wanted one. Alas it never happened but I've had many a fantasy along those lines and my wife has used it as a spanking roleplay when applying the paddle to me.

  5. I swear that looks like my 4th grade teacher. Can anybody read anything on the bulletin board? I'd like to identify where or when this was taken.

  6. Be careful what you wish for. Moved down South during my Senior year of high school. Being new, I got into a little trouble. After a talk with the Assistant Principal, who happened to look like this unassuming, pleasant lady. She talked myself into accepting a 'few?' swats for some infractions. Since she physically small in stature I thought it would be a win-win deal for me. Didn't think much when she excused herself, only to return moments later with one of the school's larger male instructors who I learned who be paddling me while she witnessed.

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