To Old To Cut The Mustard?

Foreign readers may wish to Google the origin of this phrase.

Younger spanking enthusiasts puzzel out how to spank without the kids hearing. Empty nesters don’t have that problem, but sooner or later men lose the ability to enjoy late evening activities. Still older men lose the ability to maintain an erection without the aid of little blue pills. I am so thankful that some studied chemistry!

We are feeling the effects of maturing, but we can still cut the mustard. Not as late in the day as we once could and not as often as we once could. Heck, to be honest we are not even as good once as we once were. But, we still enjoy playing the game.

I Am Thrilled

I am thrilled to see that erotic and play spankings are well represented in the poll – 40%. It seems to me that discipline orientated Blogs predominate, but maybe erotic spanko’s are not so much for Blogging and are not well represented? Perhaps they are happy and see no reason to Blog?

Frisky Play

Thursday afternoon I was feeling frisky, so told Bogey that we should have a mutual play session the next day. I really like to talk about it a day prior to play to build up the sexual tension.  I thought about it all afternoon and when we went to bed. We got up the next morning knowing that we were in for a fun and erotic session. I got dressed first, putting on my white lacy girdle, lacy bra, and of course, my “good girl” lacy socks.  You know the ones – there was a picture posted recently and you had the opportunity to comment on them.  I also picked Bogie’s attire of a black panty girdle and put it next to my selection of paddles. 

He was quite pleased with my selections. I received some of my pops, then it was his turn. We switched back and forth getting increasingly turned on. As it progresses, we sometimes ask for additional pops until each is satisfied. I asked for an additional six licks. When the paddle session ended, it was time to satisfy the sexual tension and we both admit that the tension release was extremely satisfactory.

How We Do It

The third time is a charm?

This is my third attempt to describe how Bacall and I enjoy spanking. My prior posts have failed to convey the message we wanted. I tried to cover too many topics and confused you and myself.

First, I know most bottoms like a lot of licks. I don’t. I must have different chemicals or something. Somewhere north of 30-40 licks the endorphins numb me. I only slightly feel the licks after 40 or so. They do not hurt, nor are they pleasurable. Do any of you experience this?

I have paddled women who have iron bottoms and can take all I can give and like the Energizer Bunny are always ready to go another round. I have paddled women who can enter a trance like state. Literally.

But repeating, I cannot take a lot of licks. I cannot “zone out” either. I just enjoy what I hated to endure as a kid. Two dozen or so hard licks with a paddle makes me happy and horny.

Bacall likes her spankings to start out fairly easy and to continue for two hundred or so licks and finish with gusto. She likes it to last for a half hour or more. And yes, she can enjoy more than one spanking a day. And has many times. She seems to fit into enjoying a typical pleasurable adult spanking.

Second, we do not employ discipline, punishment or any form of accountability with each other. Shortcomings we have, but they have no place in our bedroom activities. Spanking is sensual with us. That may be the reason we are able to switch with each other. No Doms, no Masters, no DD, no HOH. We don’t need to switch our heads around to go from taking to giving. Has anyone ever heard of such?

We are not totally unique with spanking for pleasure only. Have you ever read that Bonnie and Randy settle issues with a spanking? The answer is no. I can think of four other Blogs that do not mention discipline/punishment as a reason for spanking. It seems to be rare.