I have dialoged with a woman whose Blog I admire, but I will not reveal her Blog in this post. Some months back I told her that she lived in X. She replied that she actually lived in Y. I retorted that I already knew a woman in Y and for MY purposes she needed to live in X. Got that?

Sometime later I sent her a picture of her home in X. She said she liked it. I replied that she should not get accustomed to it, as she might be moving. Last week, I found her new digs. It’s over 6,000 square feet in a prime beach location.

18 Coast 02I sincerely hope that she and her husband will be happy in it.

I also hope she will not reveal her identity.  But just enjoys the foolishness.

4 thoughts on “Foolishness”

  1. Cute house.

    I love buying people houses like that. I do it quite a lot.
    I am holding out for a castle or a chateau, either way there should be a moat.

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