The Consequences of Teasing

This story is from the vaults. Circa 2000. It was written by Mrs. Mish who posted it on the ASS newsgroup. It reminds me of Becall.

“Come sit on my lap, honey, and tell me all about it.”  You pat your knee, and take my hand, pulling me toward you.  I sit myself comfortably on your lap and put my arms around your neck.

I drop my eyes, but you won’t allow it, and take my chin into your hands, forcing me to look at you.

Hmmph.  Why is this so much easier online, I wonder.  Confessing my naughtiness in person is a whole different ballgame!  Perhaps it has something to do with that paddle I see on the bed, just a few feet away!

“I’m sorry for writing you all those naughty e-mails, um…Sir.  I know how distracting it must be for you, trying to work and be a good conservative Republican when you have such a HUGE hard-on.”  I giggle.  Even when I am confessing, I can’t help being a brat!

“That’s it.  Stand up.”

I pout a little.  I was getting so nice and comfy on your lap, and I had felt the beginnings of such a promising erection stirring under me.  I loved the way that felt.

“Oh, sweetie, do I HAVE to?”


I know better than to disobey when I hear that tone of voice.  So I stand up, right between your open knees, which close around me.  GULP!  Now I am really trapped.

“OK, young lady.  You know what to do.  Lift your skirt, tuck it up in back, and pull your panties down to your knees.”

I hesitate, for just a second, but it is long enough to irritate you, and I am rewarded with a swift swat to my bottom.

I look at you, trying to melt you with my eyes, but your face is determined, so I comply with your order, lift my full flowered skirt in back and lower my black panties down over my garters so that they meet the tops of my stockings.

Your knees close tighter around me, and I feel so exposed and vulnerable.

A grown woman being lectured is embarrassing enough, but being forced to endure a lecture with my panties around my knees is even worse!

“So you find it amusing, do you, to get me all turned on when you know perfectly well I can’t do anything about it?  What do you have to say for yourself?”

I roll my eyes, and do not respond.

WHACK!  You give my bare bottom one sharp slap.

“I can’t help it, honey!  You are so darn cute and tempting, and it’s so much fun to tease you.”

“Oh is it, now,” you say softly.  “Go get the paddle for me.  And make sure you leave your panties down while you do it.  Now scoot!”

Scoot, indeed!  I take tiny steps, my panties stretched between my knees, embarrassed at the picture I must present from behind…bare bottom jiggling, the pink impression of your hand on one cheek!  I bring you the paddle and wait.

“First, my dear, you are going to sign your name on the paddle along with the date. That’s so I can remember how long it has been since your last paddling the NEXT time I have to discipline you.  And the more often I have to administer this kind of correction, the worse it is going to be for you.


I take the pen you are extending to me and scribble my name and the date, January 22. I toy with the idea of writing something nasty, too, but think better of it!

You guide me over your knee and position me so that my feet leave the floor and my bottom is perched up high, presenting such a convenient target!  You tap the smooth wood of the paddle on my bottom, then move it back and forth across my bare skin. The teasing and embarrassment is almost worse than the spanking
itself will be.

“You aren’t giggling anymore, are you?”

“No, Sir,” I answer seriously.  

“Now lift your bottom up for me, like a good girl.”

I arch my back and my bottom pops up higher.

When the paddle comes down for the first time, I can’t help but begin to struggle at the intense heat and sting.

“OWWWWW, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“You’re going to be even sorrier very soon, my dear,” you reply sternly, paddling me fast and hard.  “In fact, I think the redder I make your bottom, the sorrier you are going to be.”

“I promise to behave myself, truly!”

“Oh I believe you, but I want to be absolutely sure.  I don’t think your bottom is quite red enough yet,” you reply, paddling low down on my cheeks.  “I want you to remember how sorry you are tomorrow every time you try to sit down  I get the distinct impression that only a very red bottom, for a very long time, is going to have any lasting effect on your behavior!”  WHACK!  I can’t remember ever being paddled this hard before.

I begin to kick, and you throw your right leg across the backs of my calves, pinning me tightly in place.  My bottom is on FIRE but there is a fire building somewhere else…somewhere very pleasant…and I am so embarrassed that you can see how wet and aroused I am.

“Ah…what’s this I see?”  You lay the paddle down on the floor, and begin to gently caress me between my legs.  Amazing how easily you make the transition from stern disciplinarian to lover.  I relax and melt at your touch.

“Hmm…” you say.  “Something must be done about this.”

I turn my head to look at you and try to look adorable.  “Please….no more spanking, Sir?  My bottom is so sore!”

You smile and rub my bottom.  “No more spanking, baby…for now…”, then you guide me onto the floor, and when you stand above me I can’t help but see the huge bulge in your pants, and I kneel, unzip your pants and pull them off  You push me forward so that I am on my hands and knees, my red bottom up high, and
kneel behind me, your cock standing straight out.

I am so wet and ready for you, pushing back impatiently, until you slide your cock into me slowly, teasing me at first, poking just the head inside.

“How’s that?  Are you ready to be my good girl now?”

“Ohmigod, yes, yes, I’ll be good…yes,” I respond, thrusting my bottom back, so that your cock slides all the way inside.

You begin to spank me again, back and forth, alternating cheeks, the hot slaps in time to the hard fucking.

“Such a bad, bad girl,” you whisper in my ear, your hot breath on the back of my neck.  You stop spanking me and reach underneath me to play with my nipples.

“Mmmmm…..yes….yes….but I’m going to be good from now on, I promise,” I say, as you move your hand and tease my clit.

You give one last, hard thrust, plunging deep inside me, and I feel my pussy contracting, coming hard around your cock.  As I start to come, you shudder and moan, and your cock erupts inside me, hot cum flooding into me.

We lie on the floor, exhausted, your arms encircling me.

I flip over to look and you and smile, kissing you seductively.

“I solemnly swear, love, I am going to be SO good from now on.  You will never, never have to spank me again.  I am turning over a new leaf.  No teasing, no more naughty e-mails!”

“Never spank you again?  No more naughty e-mails?” you ask, pulling me close and covering my mouth with yours.

“Nope,” I laugh.

“Don’t you dare…STOP, that is” you say, shaking your head and wondering why dealing with such a naughty brat can be so challenging.


“I  heard of a man who says words so beautifully that, if he only speaks their name, women give themselves to him.”  (Leonard Cohen)

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