Spanking Art

Of the several illustrators of the percussive arts, [still refusing to use the term TTWD], Paula Meadows is my fav and this is one her drawings that I find to be…. well illustrative of her talents.


The woman is imagining herself draped over the horse, completely exposed to him. Notice her right hand is on her bottom.

I am also enamored with her skirt and blouse from the well dressed  era that has sadly passed.

Anywho, the illustrator provided the props for the mind to work without nudity or suggestion of violence.

7 thoughts on “Spanking Art”

  1. Hi
    This was a Paula illustration for the late and much missed Alex Birch's “Maid for a Day” in either Janus or Februs.
    I recently wrote a tribute to it in The Spanking Library, called “Maid for another Day”
    I agree it is a great drawing.

  2. Lovely drawing. I much prefer drawings like this to some of the photos that are shown.

    Don't know much about Paul Meadows will have to see if I can find more from him.


  3. With a stern look he orders her over the spanking bench. This she does with apprehension. Once this command has been obeyed, he raises her skirt waist high, and deftly lowers her panties, to her ankles, leaving her bottom bare. She now finds that she is in perfect position, to be caned. And this comes sooner than expected. For 'swish' she feels the first stroke of this painful spanking implement.

  4. Re. spanking art. The mind does wonders with this 'spanking bench' drawing. As the gentlement escort's the naughty lady towards this wooden spanking recepticle. For him, the joys of bending her over, and caning her. The feeling for her of the coming of pain, to her voluptous bare bottom.

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