Another School Girl!

You would think I would either run out of pictures or tire of the effort. Nope, I have more to share. Paddling partially clothed women versus nude is a lot more fun for me. Short skirts are tailor-made for the task.

You have seen this lass before and you will again. In this picture she has on a dark plaid skirt and has pulled it up to show off her assets for my camera.


Moments later she was bent over and my paddle was turning her white cheeks red.

BTW, while she might appear  young, she is 51.

2 thoughts on “Another School Girl!”

  1. Her hose at a PERFECT height!
    Bottom is EXQUISITE!
    To quote the late Jerry Reed…
    “Tell me what that girl's got on. “Her mind”!
    Would hope you were very liberal with that paddle?
    Did I mention I have a penchant for paddling; today?

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