A Story From The Vault

This story is out of theme for this Blog. But, I have many interests. I have not read a really good M/F submission story in a long time. I hope you will enjoy this one. It’s about one woman’s journey to find what she had wanted since she was a young girl.

“It’s not fair,” I suddenly cry out breaking the calm intensity I had in my voice only moments ago. “Why do you torment me this way?” He smiled at my quick change of attitude.

I closed my eyes. I wanted his strong commanding hands to fondle and touch me, to play with my soul, to play with my mind that was his alone in this darkness. Soon I felt the back of his hand stroke my face and then felt his lips brush softly against my cheek. His hand was slowly edging down towards my treasures, rubbing his hand all over my stomach, sending electric charges through me as he did so. Then his hand nudged between my slightly parted legs. He caressed the hairs and the outside folds of my pussy. He slid a finger gently and slowly within me, a sensation I loved. As much as I wanted to fight it, I held my position still and proud for him. Moving or shivering might well bring swift punishment to my bottom – his bottom right now, his to punish as he saw fit.

The moment passed and I felt his hand move away from my body. I stood even more still now, trying to concentrate and think of nothing, for fear that if I thought of the wrong thing, I might find myself aroused to such an extent that I could not keep still at all. Suddenly, I felt a small cold object touch my stomach. The object was soft and stingy. “It’s his crop,” I thought, “it has to be.”

The object tickled and stroked my soft naked body, flicking and giving rise to chills that went through my body as it did so. Soon, it was there between my legs. I hated no loved it, but the hate came from my knowledge of what he intended to do with it. He flicked it suddenly against my inner thigh. A motion he made; a motion for me to carry out. I spread my legs and he tapped the fine leather tip upwards against my pussy. The stinging sensation was intensified by the moisture that was now accumulating between my lips.

I swallowed, realizing my mistake. I felt him run a finger through my damp curls and almost sobbed. He was discovering the deepest secret I had. My arousal from the thought of giving up control. My arousal at the thought of being forced to submit.and allowing myself to submit. I gave an involuntary cry when the crop made sharp contact with the smooth sensitive skin of my thigh.

He walked around me until he was positioned directly behind me. His hands lay gently on my hips and he kissed my neck. His lips were soft and warm. As his lips left my neck, I felt his hot breath in my ear as he whispered, “Very good, my little one. Now let me tell you what I intend to do.”

The words echoed in my brain and sent a shiver down my back. It could just have been the whisper of a draft I felt or the way his gaze had fixed into a cold hard frozen stare. I did not know what he had intended to do. For months I had been sending him e-mails, stories about what lay hidden in the recesses of my mind and soul. Dark pockets of mystery I longed to share with someone.

But to expose myself in that way would make me feel more vulnerable than any spanking could ever. He saw me watching him and reprimanded me for my curiosity.

“No my dear, mustn’t know more than I choose to reveal to you.”

“Why not?”

“Isn’t that the game you’ve been playing with me all this time?”

“No,” I tried to explain, ” I mean, I have always been afraid to reveal myself to you or anyone. When the physical body gets hurt, it heals. Pierce my heart, open my soul, get me to reveal secrets, then I have nothing left to offer. The physical is nothing; the spiritual is everything. My spirit would never heal from the hurt if someone rejected what I needed. And if it did heal, it would leave scars so unbearable.”

“Close your eyes and look inward, little one,” and he stepped behind me and wrapped something around my head and in front of my eyes. The luminescent candlelight disappeared and I saw the darkness totally – a world void of all light.

“See the darkness, feel the darkness let it take you in. you feel safest in the dark little one?”

“Yes ” I had always felt safe in the dark. I never understood why, but as my heart has started to reveal secrets to my mind, it has all begun to make sense.

“Raise your hands over your head.” Why I agreed to do this, still astounds me. But his deep calm voice reassured me. I took a deep breath and slowly raised my arms until they were overhead. He wrapped something loosely around my wrists and then pulled. I felt my arms strain as they were pulled together. I felt the metal cuffs being locked around my ankles and knew there was a cold steel bar that would keep my legs apart. Blindfolded and bound, I felt a loss of all control. No one knew I was there and yet for some reason I felt at peace letting this man control my. Why? I hadn’t known him that long and yet, for some reason I trusted him. My senses had become extremely heightened. I listened to his presence. I could sense his body moving and could hear his shallow breathing. I heard his feet walking and brushing against the hardwood floor. I heard him pick something up and flail it through the air and hit the bed. It wasn’t the cane. The cane WHOOSHED, but only the crop had the accompanying WHAP! Why would he pick up the crop again? My breathing became heavier and deeper as I realized my complete nakedness and at his mercy.

He walked around behind me and rubbed the leather tip up and down my thigh again and then struck it in the inner middle. I clenched my teeth and almost lost my balance. “Stay in position, m’lady “

I heard the WHOOSH again but the resounding and accompanying WHAP didn’t come from the chair, but from my bottom. The stinging after effect was almost unbearable and I could feel the tears building up under my blindfold. He took his hand and rubbed my bottom. Then he took the crop and rubbed it up and down the middle of my back. From the top of my shoulder blades to the tip of my tailbone. Up and down methodically. He started flicking the crop against my back increasing intensity with each lick.

I felt my whole body beginning to ache from the love and pleasure he was giving me as well as from the pain from the rigid stance I had to maintain. Abruptly, the command to turn around came in his quiet firm voice. I turned stiffly and slowly in the spreader bar, as he liked me to do, so that he could see each angle of my body. I could sense that he had his eyes locked on me as though they were guiding me around. Then, without warning, I was pushed over the edge of the bed.

When he deemed me ready, he went to fetch the whip. I wanted his whip; the whip that was quite firm yet soft, that would burn and punish me as I longed to be punished. His whip could make me feel his dominating power as he whipped me, causing me to be compliant to his every command. My body was beginning to tense up as I remembered back to the days I only fantasized about when I was a little girl. Abruptly my memories dissolved, as I was brought back to reality with a short sharp sting to my bottom as he left the whip snake down. The fire began to spread from my bottom to my nether region.

Standing silently, I could hear the swishing sound as the whip came down again and again on each cheek. Then the rush of it as he propelled it in an upward movement, snaking between my legs to sting my secret spot and make it tingle. Slicing through the silence, the whip then struck my back and all over my bowed and stretched body, my legs obediently open to the whip.

This was not as severe a whipping as he could have given me, but one that pushed me to my limits all the same. Hard, then soft, then quick strokes all over my body, as he left the whip spin. Sometimes, only the very tips of the whip caught me; other times I felt the entire leather strand of lashes. All I could feel was a stinging everywhere all over my body. So quick was the speed with which he applied the whipping that I was almost melting. It stung between my bottom cheeks and into my most intimate spots. He continued to speak in low, hushed tones; repeating over and over that this was something he needed to do. Something to get me compliant. That this punishment was intended to make me feel his love and concern, as expressed by the lash that was relentlessly coming down.

The final lash landed with such force it pushed me hard against the bed and it shifted slightly on the hardwood floor. I wailed as I broke into sobbing , begging for forgiveness, brokenly promising, over and over that I would be good. I hung there, limp and shivering as he put down the whip and bent to unlock my feet. He walked softly around to untie my hands and returned to stand behind me, rubbing my back gently as I wept. Strong hands grasped my waist, lifting me gently to my feet and steering me, once again, to an upright position in front of the bed. He sat down next to me, smiling at me and holding out his arms. I collapsed into his lap, curling up tightly and crying against his chest, his arms enfolding me lovingly. I clung to him, telling him over and over how sorry I was, how I would never break his rules again. I would never treat him with such disrespect again. He smiled, kissing me softly and stroking my face tenderly. He would never understand how deep this session had touched my soul. Perhaps he will never know…..

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