Spanking to Arousal and Then?

Red writes Consensual Spanking, one of the few spanking Blogs that directly links spanking with sex. [Take the poll] It’s a very rare F/M Blog that freely admits that spanking is sexy. A tip of the hat to Red.

Becall and I have always used spanking as a form of sexual foreplay. It’s good to see another couple come out and admit that they share the same sort play. Ditto and kudo’s to Ken & Cora.

To be sure there are other F/M Blogs that share that the male is aroused by spanking, but then goes on to say that orgasm is denied. We do that too to each other. We tease one another, spanking and rubbing, spanking and rubbing, but always stopping the rubbing before it gets too far along. We continue this for a long time – maybe 5-10 minutes.


4 thoughts on “Spanking to Arousal and Then?”

  1. Thanks for the plug for us, too. Its been interesting to read the various blogs and groups and to find that we seem to be different about our arousal before, during and after a spanking. For me, usually its all three.
    Ken (& Cora)

  2. My partner uses spanking in different ways. We have a very active sex life in that we have sex almost every time we are together; however, we live apart, so it's not a daily thing by any means (and neither are spankings). I'd say the ratio of love-making to spanking sessions must be 5 to 1 or higher. Ultimately, being on the receiving end of her paddle or cane or crop amplifies the submission and devotion that is already there. It's a healthy part of our loving relationship, always decided upon by my partner (I never request it), and not the main focus of what we do together.

  3. Sex and Spanking, or just sex without spanking, are both wonderful activities. We may use spanking to make each other aware of a problem, but the sex that follows certainly seals the deal… The longer drawn out, the better the fulfillment…
    Thanks for such kind comments about my blog.

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