Just Phone It In

We are traveling – again. Actually, we are on the road more months of the year than we are at home.

I have some thoughts I want Blog about, but so far they are not coming together.

So today, I am just “phoning it in”. Just another cute lass in a short plaid skirt.


If you happen to have her number, please pass it along to me. I am positive she has my number.

Enjoy the weekend. Until next time.

Spanking to Arousal and Then?

Red writes Consensual Spanking, one of the few spanking Blogs that directly links spanking with sex. [Take the poll] It’s a very rare F/M Blog that freely admits that spanking is sexy. A tip of the hat to Red.

Becall and I have always used spanking as a form of sexual foreplay. It’s good to see another couple come out and admit that they share the same sort play. Ditto and kudo’s to Ken & Cora.

To be sure there are other F/M Blogs that share that the male is aroused by spanking, but then goes on to say that orgasm is denied. We do that too to each other. We tease one another, spanking and rubbing, spanking and rubbing, but always stopping the rubbing before it gets too far along. We continue this for a long time – maybe 5-10 minutes.


Another Short Plaid Skirt?!!


Isn’t she cute?

How could I think of spanking her?

What is the fascination with school girl clothing? I had little contact with short plaid skirts when I was in school. They were worn by the girls that went to the Catholic HS, but I seldom saw them. They could have been on another planet.

At a party we attended some years back, the girls, women in their forties, decided on their own, to wear school girl outfits. What a delightful surprise for the men! Sizes went size 4 to 14 and everyone of them looked cute. In between spankings, the girls flashed their panties, much like the lass above. I guess there is just something about wearing such outfits that brings out the extreme flirt in a woman. An evening to remember.

Bless the women who make life fun!

My Other Apparel Fetish

Just so you know, women dressed in short plaid skirts are not my only apparel fetish. I also like women in panty girdles. This lass does not need a girdle, but she sure looks good to me in it.

Becall has one much like this. Brought it into the marriage. Sadly it shrunk and she can no longer wiggle into it. Becall was a size 6/7 when we married and like this lass, did not really need a girdle.

I have always liked the small concentrated red circle on her bottom the paddle makes when she has on Lyrca.

lingerie girdle34

In case you are enjoying the school girl theme, fear not, I have many more pictures to share with you.