Dressing For a Spanking

Many women know EXACTLY where this post is going, as they understand and practice dressing for a spanking. They do it not just to get their own minds in the proper place, but to get our visually oriented wee male brains in the proper place.

The first spanking party we went to had a dress theme. The gals colluded and decided to wear school girl outfits. The men knew nothing about it, so you can imagine our surprise and delight at all of the mouthy spanketts in short skirts and pigtails. The paddles cracked over white panties all evening.

In a few minutes Becall and I are going to play and we are both dressed for it. We both find it fun to dress for a paddling. When she puts on her frilly white socks, I know it’s code for me to paddle her until she feels mastered and then ensure she is well fucked. Clothes are a way we have of asking for it when we don’t care to come right out and ask for it.

Sometimes when is reads a racy section in a book, she will mull it over for a day or so, then put on some equally racy lingerie and let me know she will allow me to paddle her just a little bit. That’s code for I need you get my bottom red hot.

It’s the same when I put on a pair of panties and wander through the house. It does not take her very long to bend me over, pull down the panties and put a wood paddle to my bottom.

In honor of the women who know how to dress to play, I am going to post some pictures of women dressed like school girls. Here’s the first one.

schoolgirl16 Of course she knows the effect she is having on her cute male math teacher. She is likely day dreaming of him bending her over her desk, paddling her bottom and having him take her. Yes, some young women have those thoughts in school. Or at least they made me believe they had them.

4 thoughts on “Dressing For a Spanking”

  1. I love to spank a naughty woman when she is dressed in a beautiful evening gown. Then bend her over and raise that gown waist high. Then while she is wearing garter-belt and stockings, pull down her silk panties, and bare her bottom. Then apply six or more strokes of a cane to her voluptous bare bottom. For me this is most erotic.

  2. Finding out that a woman is wearing a G String just prior to spanking her, is a turn off like no other.
    White cotton panties initiate the start of sexual tension that is typically delightful.
    In garb that could be considered a spanking outfit, a woman could be going just about anywhere?
    Ironically, those who see that schoolgirl style outfit, often never know for sure if in fact the gal is going out to buy a head of lettuce, or enroute & primed, to be bent over the back of the sofa for 20 good ones with the paddle? :^}
    Aint life grand!

  3. Hi
    Great image as always.
    For me this picture takes me away in a different direction.
    It is an image of my teacher at her desk on the dias and I am accused of looking at her knickers. Called to her desk at the end of class the teacher tells me she is not only disappointed in my work but angry that I keep staring at her legs when I should be concentrating on my work.
    Rather than send a report she offers me a chance to learn how to improve both my studies and my behaviour.
    No prizes for guessing what comes next.
    Best wishes

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