Asking For It – II

I just noticed that Reece who Blogs The Receiving End may ask for it. I think that all bottoms would prefer to be taken in hand without asking for it. However, none of us are married to mind readers. Are we?

Reece writes:

So, I need Anne to set the time.
Set the place
Command me to get into position.
Then, I need her to blister my bottom.
And, I need it this weekend, even if I have to ask her.

3 thoughts on “Asking For It – II”

  1. I'd like to think a perceptive dom can figure out when the sub is in need of a spanking.

    Let's hope you get your needs met without asking.


  2. You may ask for it; but I will spank when and where you least expect it. We were working around the house and aj was doing the laundry. I walked in, had him bend over the washing machine and take some of the best. His tension was relieved and while the washer was working I had a great loving trip into orbit.

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