Bring Me the Paddle

There is something about a gal holding the paddle that is going to set her bottom on fire that excites me. [Oh heck, anything about paddling excites me]
It has never failed to amuse me that when I have asked a gal to select the paddle she wants me to use on her, they have always picked the “big” ones. I would do the same thing, so it’s one of the things that men and women who share a proclivity to be paddled are on the same page.
Anne is a slim lass with a small, but bubble bottom. She has an affinity for wood paddles. I would lay out several for her perusal. She would look at them for a long time and finally select one of the “big” ones. I always savored the moment when she would hand me the paddle. Ours eyes would lock. It was delicious. I regret I never thought to take a picture of her handing me the paddle. I want a do-over. Where are you now Anne?

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