Signing the Paddle

I recall seeing signed paddles in high school. As often as I was paddled, I was never asked to sign one. That must have been just for the BMOC? The principal broke a lot of paddles, so any signatures were temporary. He always brought two to a paddling session for insurance. He stuffed them under his belt, buttoned his coat and he was good to go.

I recently saw a picture on a spanking blog of a paddle with signatures and it made me wish I had asked some of the little darlings who have felt my paddle over the years to have signed it. It would have been a nice memento.

5 thoughts on “Signing the Paddle”

  1. A concept near and dear to my heart!
    Why didn't I think about a “sharpie” at the time?
    Kailee Robinson & paddle. Better than Bandit and Snowman!
    Last one in is a rotten egg. ;^)

  2. Our sorority required pledges to collect signatures from each full member prior to initiation. I didn't go through with initiation because the sorority bored me and was expensive, but I always suspected that initiates would feel at least one swat with the paddle at initiation.

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