Dressing For a Spanking

Many women know EXACTLY where this post is going, as they understand and practice dressing for a spanking. They do it not just to get their own minds in the proper place, but to get our visually oriented wee male brains in the proper place.

The first spanking party we went to had a dress theme. The gals colluded and decided to wear school girl outfits. The men knew nothing about it, so you can imagine our surprise and delight at all of the mouthy spanketts in short skirts and pigtails. The paddles cracked over white panties all evening.

In a few minutes Becall and I are going to play and we are both dressed for it. We both find it fun to dress for a paddling. When she puts on her frilly white socks, I know it’s code for me to paddle her until she feels mastered and then ensure she is well fucked. Clothes are a way we have of asking for it when we don’t care to come right out and ask for it.

Sometimes when is reads a racy section in a book, she will mull it over for a day or so, then put on some equally racy lingerie and let me know she will allow me to paddle her just a little bit. That’s code for I need you get my bottom red hot.

It’s the same when I put on a pair of panties and wander through the house. It does not take her very long to bend me over, pull down the panties and put a wood paddle to my bottom.

In honor of the women who know how to dress to play, I am going to post some pictures of women dressed like school girls. Here’s the first one.

schoolgirl16 Of course she knows the effect she is having on her cute male math teacher. She is likely day dreaming of him bending her over her desk, paddling her bottom and having him take her. Yes, some young women have those thoughts in school. Or at least they made me believe they had them.

Asking For It – II

I just noticed that Reece who Blogs The Receiving End may ask for it. I think that all bottoms would prefer to be taken in hand without asking for it. However, none of us are married to mind readers. Are we?

Reece writes:

So, I need Anne to set the time.
Set the place
Command me to get into position.
Then, I need her to blister my bottom.
And, I need it this weekend, even if I have to ask her.

Asking For a Spanking

Regular reader Michael commented that he might get some of his toys and ask his wife for a spanking as it had been sometime since his last one. I replied “Why not? Moments later I tripped across a new-to-me Blog by a man who asked his wife for a session. See Spanked By My Lady.

They both immensely enjoyed the session. Asking for a spanking can be difficult, especially if you are deep into being submissive, but it can led to getting what you want when you want it. That’s not all bad.

I really appreciate Spanked By My Lady for sharing pictures of themselves. She is a real looker to me. I like this picture which shows her laughing.


60,000 Mile Maintenance

I read that some folks need maintenance spankings. I am not sure that the definition of them is universal, but I took my bottom to Becall and told her I needed 60,000 mile service.

The next morning, I found out what that entails. I had not had the batten in several thousand miles, so she used it on the front and back of my legs. Each lick gave me a tingle. Some licks made me do a little dance and suck in my breath. That sucker really puts us in the proper frame of mind for taking the paddle.

Next, she gave me six with the Principal’s paddle. That tuned me up! She finished with two dozen hot ones using the Teacher’s paddle. She did let me off the “rack” after the first dozen for a short breather. Then it was bend back over for the final dozen. She finished me off with our ever dependable electro-mechanical device.

I am good to go until the next service interval.

We Are All So Different

Spanking My Husband is a new Blog with twice the number of followers as OBB. Small wonder, they post pictures of her paddling him and pictures of her in a bikini. [While we have posted pictures of Becall here, I will guarantee that you will never see my bottom here. And it’s a cute one according to Becall]

A recent post on Spanking My Husband explained how she spanks away an erection. I am thinking WTF? For me, paddling and erections go together. I want to be paddled and it never fails to give me an erection. Every time I paddle Becall I get an erection and she gets aroused. That’s why we do it!

If Evan has a partial erection before a spanking, I can’t resist grabbing it and giving it a squeeze. After a couple of quick squeezes, Evan’s penis becomes erect. I may then ask Evan to play with it for a little while, before I stop him (no ejaculation for him: we practice tease and denial), and put him over my lap.

Becall always rubs me. She has never been able to keep her hands off it – bless her heart. And we always have sex following a spanking. We sometimes tease each other, bringing the other close to orgasm and then backing off. That usually ends when Becall exclaims Now! Hard! and Fast! Each of those words are always punctuated with the F word used as a verb.

While we all enjoy spanking, we are all so different.

A Thigh Fry

Becall approves this message.

This is Becall’s favorite of the percussion arts. She would have a big smile on her face, unlike this woman.

keep those legs open

Becall sezs the sting goes right to her tender parts.

Bring Me the Paddle

There is something about a gal holding the paddle that is going to set her bottom on fire that excites me. [Oh heck, anything about paddling excites me]
It has never failed to amuse me that when I have asked a gal to select the paddle she wants me to use on her, they have always picked the “big” ones. I would do the same thing, so it’s one of the things that men and women who share a proclivity to be paddled are on the same page.
Anne is a slim lass with a small, but bubble bottom. She has an affinity for wood paddles. I would lay out several for her perusal. She would look at them for a long time and finally select one of the “big” ones. I always savored the moment when she would hand me the paddle. Ours eyes would lock. It was delicious. I regret I never thought to take a picture of her handing me the paddle. I want a do-over. Where are you now Anne?

Signing the Paddle

I recall seeing signed paddles in high school. As often as I was paddled, I was never asked to sign one. That must have been just for the BMOC? The principal broke a lot of paddles, so any signatures were temporary. He always brought two to a paddling session for insurance. He stuffed them under his belt, buttoned his coat and he was good to go.

I recently saw a picture on a spanking blog of a paddle with signatures and it made me wish I had asked some of the little darlings who have felt my paddle over the years to have signed it. It would have been a nice memento.

Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippins

I saw a review on The Spanking Spot for Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippins. This 10 year old title is one of the very few spanking video’s we have ever enjoyed. It has excellent spanking action. Uncle Wayne straps his niece’s bottom in the last action packed spanking. It is also laugh out loud funny – well it is for us. The niece has a mouth on her.


vlcsnap-2010-05-11-19h25m34s244The niece explaining how totally fucked it is living with Uncle Wayne

vlcsnap-2010-05-11-19h47m29s81 Uncle explaining to his niece

As reviewer notes, the vendor Raven Hills has a really bad rep for not delivering ordered merchandise going back over a decade. But, just maybe you will not get ripped off on the streaming video. I would not bet the Life Time rental would last for your lifetime, but who knows.

vlcsnap-2010-05-11-21h01m39s40 Uncle straps the niece in the woodshed