The Question

It was a long day and we finally arrived at our destination. We decided that we needed some liquid refreshment. The previous day I had made us a couple of small gin & tonics. So I wanted to make amends and make them a little stronger. Okay, maybe they were more than just a little stronger. But so very delicious. After a few minutes I was very relaxed and became a bit frisky. Bogey explained that I was going to get some pops and I said, “sure, okay!” Bogey must have become too relaxed because he forgot!

So here is my question: If you are so relaxed (defined as very tipsy) that you can’t feel the pops do they count? I think they do and here is the reason – Bogey can give harder pops and I can take more pops without squealing that they are too hard, which should be a benefit for both of us. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The Question”

  1. I'm all for mixing altered states of consciousness and play. If it's domestic discipline, then, no, anything that would make it funner is naturally a no-no. But play is play, and if a mojito gives you a little kick, then enjoy.

  2. Since you don't do DD.The pops count. Tipsy or not. It's been our experance that between swats and the resulting sex, you tend to sober up quickly.


  3. The NY Daily News Article stated that 4 out of 10 women are tipsy when sleeping with a partner the first time.
    I don't know if the bottom becomes more enticing but…
    My rule of thumb is: If you are enjoying the experience, but more importantly your partner, chalk it up to something you will recall fondly at 100.
    Fun truly is the best thing to have!

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