News From the Road

When we travel, we are often out of cell phone coverage and so we can not Blog. After awhile we get out of the habit of Blogging. A while longer and our thoughts turn to mush. I think it’s called relaxed. Such is the instant case. We are back in civilization, we have cell phone coverage, so I can no longer use that excuse.

At least Becall did a short post last week. She is not a writer. You write her and she will reply. But, it takes much longer for her to start an email. I still have both cards she sent me when we were dating. Both of them! So consider her post as a main course, not a side dish.

OTOH, I have nothing to say. Tapped out. Perhaps when we get home this weekend and unpack and…. well maybe soon.

Meanwhile, this paddle is rather unique. Two blades. I sent it to Bonnie for her unusual spanking implements contest, but I never heard back from her. I suppose she is still laughing about it.

I recall it being a pleasant Sunday morning with the little darlings bent over the deck railing.

The Question

It was a long day and we finally arrived at our destination. We decided that we needed some liquid refreshment. The previous day I had made us a couple of small gin & tonics. So I wanted to make amends and make them a little stronger. Okay, maybe they were more than just a little stronger. But so very delicious. After a few minutes I was very relaxed and became a bit frisky. Bogey explained that I was going to get some pops and I said, “sure, okay!” Bogey must have become too relaxed because he forgot!

So here is my question: If you are so relaxed (defined as very tipsy) that you can’t feel the pops do they count? I think they do and here is the reason – Bogey can give harder pops and I can take more pops without squealing that they are too hard, which should be a benefit for both of us. What do you think?

Laps and Spanking

We have been in the dark for two weeks – no internet. There are only a few places in the US where the closest semblance of civilization in any direction is over 50 miles. We found one. We are still in a fringe area, but in a week or so, we will be back to at least Smallville.

Most men and women who like to be spanked enjoy OTK. Many women like it as they feel comforted from being held. The bottom is well presented and back rubs and hair pulling can be easily done while attending to the bottom. Men like OTK also, but I think for different reasons and I am speculating here as it’s not a position I enjoy. I have read more than a few stories that have the man’s rigid member between the woman’s thighs so that he can pump to orgasm while she spanks him. I don’t know if this is all fantasy or not. I sure could not do it, but perhaps others can.

Even though I do not enjoy OTK for myself, I am still strongly drawn to pictures of a woman’s lap. They are quite stimulating to me. Perhaps I am a thigh man? A shortened skirt rings all my bells.

This picture would only suggest spanking to a spanking enthusiast. It’s sexy in a subtle way, but it sure does it for me.

The next picture is not particularly sexy either. It could pass for vanilla I suppose. But to us, the hairbrush has only one purpose. She could be holding it to hand to a man to use on her. Maybe. But, I think most of us would see her holding to use on a man.

Lap pictures seem to be of a type that do not work for both genders. Are there even pictures of men’s laps that look like inviting to women???