Another Lazy Day Here

The other evening I promised Becall a thigh fry the next morning. I didn’t forget, I just got busy and suddenly it was lunch time and then there were errands to run. So that evening she told me I would be in her new black panties bent over for the paddle in the morning. And so I was.

It was a typical Becall paddling. 10 with the heavy principal’s paddle and another 10 with the lighter bottom scorcher paddle.
These two paddles.

I see the Blog is getting twice as many hits the last two months as this time last year.

That’s all the news from here. Posts may be less frequent for the next few weeks, as we will be traveling in the back country.

3 thoughts on “Another Lazy Day Here”

  1. Looking at the accompanying picture makes me wish that this quote was attributed to me…
    “Times a wastin, lets get paddling”.
    Wishing you smooth travels, on an otherwise “lazy” river.

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