Relaxing under an overcast sky

The paddlings continue here. Becall asked for a Good Girl last week and was pleased to oblige her. It had been several weeks since she asked for the batten, so I decided it surprise her with it. A few days later she told me I needed a good sorting out. I am now well sorted. Got the batten too.

I see that enlistment in all of the military services is up due to the lack of jobs in the private sector. I wonder if this also accounts for the recent increase in the number of women now accepting pay to be spanked.

Better Birthdays – Go to to find out what you can get free on your big day at restaurants and other retailers. (those cheek-reddening “Happy Birthday” waiter serenades vary from establishment to establishment of course)

3 thoughts on “Relaxing under an overcast sky”

  1. Hell again.
    Good to hear that you got your “seeing to” as my wife refers to it and with the batten too.
    I have not been so fortuate for nearly two weeks now and I am going slightly crazy. I have deliberately done a few things that I thought would lead to s session but no, I am waiting still.
    Maybe this is her way of dealing with me. I tried a few strokes of self spanking with the riding crop when she was out of the house but since I could not leave marks (which she might see)that wasn't very satisfactory.
    Thanks for the free Birthday Treats link – couldn't find the Spanking section! I will see if there is anything similar in the UK. My birthday is still a long way off so no session to look forward to on that score.

  2. We are going out for my birthday dinner tomorrow, but Ron wouldn't dream of telling the waiters or ordering a surprise cake. It would embarrass him much more than it would me.

    Can you post a picture of a batten> It's a piece of wood, no? Like board and batten? I am imagining something splintery.


  3. Battens are used in many ways. The one we have was used to stiffen a sail.

    Think of a long wooden ruler. They come in many sizes.
    This one is 1/4 inch thick. 1.25 wide and 18 long. The sides are rounded and it's smooth all over.
    It's slightly flexible as it must bend in the sail.

    Most battens for sail these days are made of fiberglass.

    A wooden ruler would serve the same purpose.

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