What We Are About

We posted this in December.

As it says above “We don’t spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Getting our bottoms toasted sexually arouses us.”

There are no subs or bosses to be found here. We both like to feel a burn in our backsides. We both enjoy putting a burn in the others backside. Sometimes, we both want it, so we paddle each other in the same session.

We understand this is rare, but it’s what we enjoy.

I went through Spanking Blogs and did not find another Blog where the couple switched with each other for FUN.

Still looking for a like Blog. We would love to hear from a couple who switches with each other.

Our email is mybottomburns at gmail.com

4 thoughts on “What We Are About”

  1. Yours is the only blog I've read where the couple switched. I'm sure there must be others. If I ever hit upon one will let you know.


  2. I had a hard time trying to figure out why this blog made me feel so refreshed as it pertains to spanking?
    My desire to “pass the paddle” to a woman I respect, desire, and fantasize with for me is the answer.
    Funny thing is that until I found this blog, I never knew I was looking for an answer or for that matter even had a question.
    This blog stokes my fire! 😀
    p.s. Bonnie also has a blog that is truly genuine!

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