Panties, Panties, Panties

We are easily amused. We were at a “flea market” the other day. Most such affairs are a waste of time, as most of the stuff is junk from someone’s back porch. This one was different. Some useful merchandise at real budget prices. One vendor was selling bras and panties, so of course we had to look. We left with three different styled panties for $9.

This purchase will guarantee us at least six paddling sessions with our new panties. Becall has claimed the first turn. She wants her new belt used over the new black panties. I gave her a short test yesterday. She went yummmm.

Spanking Pictures

This 2010 post is the all time most popular one on OBB. It’s ranking is not deserved at all. The title is commonly typed in searching for pictures depicting spanking. Those that get here that way must be quite disappointed to find only one image.

At any time a percentage of the population are in airports, planes, hotels, motels and other places while traveling. If you notice the number pictures on the web that are taken in motel rooms, you might think half the country is naked with camera’s. Many of the pictures I see have either lamps on the wall or a peep hole in the door in the background branding their location. While we have taken pictures in motel rooms, we have taken more at home. Of course, I suspect that most of the motel pictures are taken of friends, not wives.

I looked through my collection of spanking pictures to find a picture to illustrate my point. I could not find one. Obviously I have a bias against collecting such pictures.

Have you noticed the number of commercial spanking Blogs? I think there are a LOT more of them now than a year ago. The defunct Aunt Agony was a shill for commercial sites, but at least it was done with some style. The new ones I have seen one are all bores. They show Muffin, Amber, Pixie, etc. in ridiculous scenes in preposterous poses.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I like my pictures, even if posed, to be believable. This is a commercial picture of a woman whose work was always believable to me.

More thoughts on spankings as punishment

These are my personal thoughts and I don’t claim they are universal or even that apply to anyone else.

I was paddled often as a youth. Each time was torture for me. None of them had any effect on my behavior.

In along ago time, I paddled women for punishment. They all wanted to be punished when they broke the rules they established for themselves. I was honored to accommodate them. Yeah, I thought I was doing good. All of the women were strong, independent, talented in their careers, several were making six figures. Two other things they had in common were intentionally breaking the rules to earn a paddling and having pleasant day dreams about their paddlings. I don’t know if their masturbatory sessions involved having sex with me or just the thought of me paddling them. [There was no sex in our relationship] The deal was, they intentionally did things to earn a paddling and then later played the session back for sexual release.

I can relate to the need to feel cared for, to have someone who cares about you enough to punish you if you cross a line. I have to question if the rules are broken again and again and the punishment becomes fodder for sexual day dreams, WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT!

I saw this on a f/m Blog:
…….here is one picture from just prior to another spanking that Evan received. As you can see, Evan was semi-erect before that spanking started. I like to keep him in a state of sexual denial well before and after a spanking, so he is often hard before we start. I like to then spank the erection out of him: that is somehow very satisfying.

So the thought of getting a spanking is sexually stimulating for Evan. And I would wager the remembrance is equally stimulating just as it was for the women I paddled. So again, I ask, WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT?

I can not imagine why the woman likes to keep him in sexual denial. Perhaps she does not like sex with him or does like sex at all.

Michael expressed how punishment and sex work together for him and his wife:
What we are into is a FLR where I have grown to express my feelings of submission and where I expect and wish to be punished when I have let my partner down. The threat of such a punishment and talking about it beforehand is extremely erotic and goes straight to my head and my lower parts. I can get off on this pre-punishment phase for ever and a day. I can also go to bed happy and lively for sex a few hours after the punishment is over, thinking about what happened and how each of us might have looked during the discipline session. The punishment itself is not erotic. It is matter of fact and quite hard work for both of us.

Thanks Michael, I can see how this could be therapeutic for you.

The Local Spanking Parlor

The spank-o-maniac that I am, I have often wondered/dreamed about a Pay-for-paddling business. Let’s say you get a speeding ticket. The fine is $100 or 20 licks. If you choose the licks you would go to a court approved spanking parlor, pay a nominal fee, take your licks and the matter would be settled. A great place to practice your forehand and get paid at the same time. Maybe it would be like this?

This Spank-o-matic was in a strip mall in the suburbs, right next to a Baskin-Robbins. The front was all glass, the kind that reflects the sun and that you can not see through. The name was in gold leaf in the door. A chime sounded when I opened the door. As my eyes adjusted from the bright sunlight to the florescent lights, I became aware that a female voice was inquiring “May I help you?” I focused in the direction of the voice and saw a pleasant looking young lady at a small desk. The name plate introduced her as Kim Magnum. I mumbled ‘Yes” and as I walked in her direction, I became aware that there were a few other folks in the waiting area. I told her that I was here to get a paddling for speeding as I tried to calmly fish the court papers out of my jacket pocket. Kim just smiled at my nervousness and waited until I handed her the papers. She looked at them and remarked “Oh, Judge John’s, — 30 licks — Wow! How fast were you going in the schoolyard?” I said, “No schoolyard, third offense.” She logged me in on the computer, said it would be a short wait and to take a seat.

I sat in one of the chairs that circled the room and tried to look normal and wonder why the others were here. Two men came out, crossed the waiting room and were out the front door. Shortly, Kim announced that Mr. Baker could go back now. And a few seconds later that Miss Star could go back now. That left me and another young man in the room. True to her word, only minutes later Kim matter of factly announced that we could go back now. I followed the young man through the door. There were two ladies waiting in the hall, the first one said to the other man to go in the second door on the right, the next lady said for me to follow her.

I followed her down the hall past several closed doors and into an open one. There was not much in the room. It had the look of a examing room. A padded bench was in the center of the small room. A large paddle lay on a desk, along with some office supplies, a computer terminal and a box of Kleenex. She flipped a switch on the wall and said her name was Sue Parker and asked mine. She glanced at the computer screen said that it indicated that I was to receive 30 licks and asked if that was correct. I said Yes. She said that we were being video taped and for me the stand at the end of the bench and drop my pants and underwear. I did. She moved a curved metal bar that was hinged on one side of the bench until it was around my upper thighs. It made a sound like handcuffs being closed, until it was snug against my legs. She then told me to bend over the bench until my chest was flat on it. Then she pulled a wide leather strap over my back and secured it. I was not going to be moving very much. I saw her pick up the paddle, take position beside me, swing her arm back and then forward. When it made contact, my breath came out and my bottom suddenly felt like a swarm of hornets had hit it. There was no pause between the licks. the licks rained down — left cheek, right cheek, left cheek as fast as she could swing. Before ten, I was squirming hard to get away. After a few more I was blubbering for mercy.

It was over! She released the strap and bar and told me to pull up my clothes. She handed me a coupla tissues, entered something in the computer and said I could leave now. With that she left and I did too — with a smarting bottom.

In the first grade, all the kids in my school knew the principal had a paddling machine. You might get some swats from the teacher; but if you were really bad, you would make a trip to the principal’s office and she would put you on the machine and no one wanted that. I remember, the principal looking directly into my eyes one day and telling me that if my unruly behavior continued I would find out about the paddling machine. She told me it could give 20 licks a minute. She then asked me if I thought I could take that? I was already teary-eyed and this made me shake all over. Mrs. Ogara, the principal, was around 45, I guess, overweight and had a rather intimidating presence. Nevertheless, I was young, sassy and stupid, so while I never encountered the mechanical spanking machine, she paddled me several times a year all through grade school. I got paddlings from the teachers also, but the sessions with Mrs. Ogara stand out in my mind.

Spanking as Punishment

Gentle Readers, I had hoped one of you would be able to explain to this dense man how what is sexual can sometimes be punishment. I will write some of my thoughts on the subject and come back to this topic at a later date. Maybe then, someone can explain it to me.

Here in south Texas it’s cloudy, cool or rainy or all three. The Atlantic states are under record snow. We need some warm sunshine to boost our spirits! I read Rio is having a heat wave.

How Can Punishment Also Be Sexual?

Bonnie recently had the topic is spanking inherently sexual?

Responses like these confuse me:

Absolutely, positively, and always. We use spanking in different ways in our relationship. Whether for fun, stress relief, or punishment, underneath, the sexual aspect of spanking is always there.

I would read sexual overtones into even a punishment spanking. Done in love, for my own good and given by the woman who loves me, how could it not be sexy to be corrected and cared for in such an intimate and physical way?

I can accept that pain can eliminate desire; but if the memory of the session is stimulating, then I can not buy into it being punishment. Readers, how can real punishment also be sexual? Or is it an oxymoron.

What We Are About

We posted this in December.

As it says above “We don’t spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Getting our bottoms toasted sexually arouses us.”

There are no subs or bosses to be found here. We both like to feel a burn in our backsides. We both enjoy putting a burn in the others backside. Sometimes, we both want it, so we paddle each other in the same session.

We understand this is rare, but it’s what we enjoy.

I went through Spanking Blogs and did not find another Blog where the couple switched with each other for FUN.

Still looking for a like Blog. We would love to hear from a couple who switches with each other.

Our email is mybottomburns at

Men Who Wear Panties

Ronnie posed a question about wearing your mates undies. Before I looked at the comments, I kinda figured what would be said. Ewwe! pretty much summed it up. That’s why men who like to wear panties are secretive about it. We know women like their men looking manly and how could a man in pink panties be manly. Thankfully, Becall has never had a problem with me wearing panties.

If you like the look of the Marlboro man, I would be easy on your eyes, while under my jeans I might be wearing panties. Appearances can be deceptive, books and covers and all that.

So why do I like to wear panties? The answer is as easy to come up with as it is for you say why you like spanking. Neither of us decided to become fascinated with spanking and I did not elect to be intrigued with wearing panties. Nor did other men. Like spanking, I have accepted it.

There are quite a few blogs written by women who lament that their mates either will not spank them or will not spank them like they want to be spanked. I emphasize with them. I would ask for a little understanding from women for the men who like to wear panties.

Besides, men’s underwear is rather boring don’t you think?