A Target Rich Environment

In a Friends episode Rachael explained how she liked her erogenous buttons pushed. It went something like 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 4……8, 9, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9. You get the idea.

I have been talking about where to paddle and stumbled over this graphic. I stay away from 1 and 2. However, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are ideal.

We are traveling and disconnected from our usual Blogging software. Perhaps this one will work as well.

Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

Masturbation Can Fun, Even If You Are The Only One. That is or is something like the lyrics from a song in Hair. If you know it, you are old. Mutual masturbation can be fun a lot of fun too. Guess what we did this morning after warming each others backsides?

The market place for custom-purpose vibrators are normally phallic shaped. They hum and tickle. They pulse and lunge. Some rotate and flash colored lights. Our fav mechanical device looks like this. It’s an old design intended for deep muscle massage. However, it works fantastically as a vibrator and it works on all genders equally well. It will cause an orgasm. You could try and fight it, but it will get you.

You slip your fingers through the springs you see on the bottom and your whole hand becomes vibrator.

sunbeam oster

Becall likes it for one or two orgasms with it and then she wants the real deal. Afterwards she says all of her skeletal bones melt.

Google Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager to find one for yourself.

My Turn

The paddling’s continue. We have not mentioned our personal lives since before Christmas. We made it through 11 of the 12 days of Christmas popping each other with the Santa Spoon. We were out of town on the 12th day. We had the spoon with us. We just forgot. Maybe next year we will have a perfect record?

I don’t see the need to write about each time we play. If either of us could write in a titillating manner, then maybe yes.

Yesterday, I asked Becall for the whole nine yards. This morning she gave it to me. First, 20 stingers with the batten on my thighs. Next, 10 over her lap with the scorchy red paddle. Then I was bent over the bed for 8 with the principal’s paddle. Finally, she singed me with a dozen of the put-a-fire-in-your-bottom pine paddle.

We then engaged in wild monkey sex. Or maybe it was crazed ferret sex. We are not real sure of the differences. Whatever, this afternoon the marks are gone, but the memory remains. I feel satisfied.


Just Because

Saturday morning I awoke to the feeling that a paddling should be in my future.  All sorts of hints were dropped, including the not so subtle “I think I need a paddling”, so finally Bogie said you will get a paddling Sunday.  Aha, making me wait – what a bad boy he was. I got to spend the day thinking about Sunday. That really builds the tension, which I actually like!

Sunday morning arrived, but first we do the morning coffee, breakfast, reading the paper. Is it ever going to be time for the long awaited paddling?!?!  Obviously Bogie had been thinking about it too because he arranged an assortment of paddles for me to see – anticipation continues to build!
eye balls
Now is the time – and what at great time we had! I was thoroughly paddled and loved, so I had a big smile on my face. What a lucky girl I am.

Venus and Mars


A kind female reader commented about posting pictures here, “I don’t need them, although they are useful for attracting visual types of readers. The written word is a far greater turn on to me.”

It true that most women prefer words, written or spoken, to visual images. It is commonly accepted that men are significantly more visual. Perhaps men are more visual through genetic selection? Perhaps those who were best at seeing a meal had their genes passed along?

Women look, but it only takes them a faction of a second to decide if the shoes are right or the man is a candidate for fathering their children.

A man’s look lingers. Or as a woman might put it, we leer. Our eyes trace and retrace every exposed curve. Women know this and that’s why they wear low cut blouses so they can tell how much we drool. [smiling here]

I knew a woman who had great difficulty achieving orgasm through mechanical stimulation. But she could climax in seconds when the right words were whispered in her ear. 

Becall enters her deepest level of submission when she hears the right words. For her, it’s always a force fantasy. Yes, you must.

And there are non-spoken sounds, such as the sound of a belt being slipped through pants loops, a doubled over belt cracking against itself, the whoosh of a cane.

I think all spanking enthusiasts have their favorite phrases. “Are you asking for a spanking?”  [duh] “Bring me the paddle”, “Bend over”, “Take your pants down”, “You have been naughty and you are going to pay for it”, “You’re not too old for a good, sound spanking”, etc, etc.

I find it quite stimulating when Becall tells me she is going to paddle me. So the spoken word is certainly not lost on this male. I find it just as stimulating when I see Becall in attractive lingerie holding a paddle in her hand. Given a choice of words or visuals, I will take both.

Here is visual for me.


I don’t like OTK or hairbrushes, but I could not refuse the get over my lap gesture she is making. Of all the professional spanking women, Kelly Payne is the one that does it for me. No, I have never been with a pro.

Concluding with visual for all  genders.


On Not Being Judgemental

While we appreciate all comments, we find those made by women who enjoy being on the bottom especially interesting. While their comments are often insightful; it’s the fact that they frequent our Blog at all that is intriguing to me.

I asked one woman what made her keep returning to OBB and she told me to learn “how couples see spanking amongst themselves”.

Given that our announced principal subject here is Becall putting the wood to me and that she has no ambitions to paddle her husband, I find her interest to be novel.

I think she is one of those rare people who are not judgmental and can learn from various sources.

One thing these woman share in common is that on their Blogs they do not describe themselves as brats or call their husbands Master. So in my judgmental way, I would describe them as normal women who enjoy being a little submissive and getting their bottoms toasted.

Whatever your stripes, we are pleased that you find OBB interesting and please do ‘pop over” anytime.

B&B, We love spanking (#|#)

I trust this is suitable eye candy for the ladies.


If not, what sort of pictures would you ladies like to see?