Panty Daze

We are still having fun with our new panty girdles. We found some on eBay for only $1.99. Call them not much control panties, certainly not real girdles. We like the way they fit and feel. So smooth. Becall needed some new everyday panties and these fit the bill. We are working our way through initiating each pair by paddling her in each one.

We will try some some photos, when we get time. Plus Becall says she has something to post.



Panties and paddling go together.

We grew up when girdles were every day wear and marked a coming of age. Young ladies knew how to flirt with their stocking tops, garter belts and sometimes a flash of panties. They would cross their legs and flash their hose as they dangled their high heels.

I don’t recall many dates when the girl was not wearing a girdle. A proper foundation was considered essential. How times have changed. I recall one date that wore tight white shorts, but she still had on a panty girdle.

One lass wore several layers of undergarments. I asked why. She said her Mother thought it would protect her. It didn’t. This is back in the days when most making out took place in cars. It took some time to get all the layers off and back on but we managed.

On November 5, the Wall Street Journal had an article

Shapewear Has Women Bent out of Shape

It started: Before Jessica Kraus put on a tight-fitting frock one recent evening, she wriggled into a $76 piece of flesh-toned underwear that extended from the bottom of her bra to mid-thigh. She felt confident and svelte as she left her apartment to meet friends for cocktails.

Then a few hours later, the 25-year-old Boston event planner was faced with what she says was a “horrific situation.” As she was embracing a man she had met that night, Ms. Kraus got to thinking about what lurked beneath her sleek exterior.

“There’s no graceful way of taking the thing off,” she says.

I liked what one father wrote in response to the article: As a father of two young women, I plan on adding Spanx to their Christmas list this year; the harder to get off, the better.

It seems that underwear can still be employed in an attempt to thwart young hormones.

One thought on “Panty Daze”

  1. Hi there
    I would love to be told to wear these for a spanking from my wife but I think that she is unlikely to do it.
    The farthest she will go in this drection is to tell me to wear my (hers) red punishment knickers at the start of of a day when she is going to spank or cane me that evening.
    Maybe next time we are shopping together I will linger in front of the pantie girdle section and see if she gets the hint.
    Take care and enjoy the spanks

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