Too Much Role Play?

In a private dialog I am having, the other party wrote “Too much theatrics/role play (for me anyway) takes away from the spankings themselves.”

That hit me two ways. First, Becall and I both enjoy role play. We don’t do it a lot, but sometimes when we do, it’s great. We have also enjoyed role play with others with excellent success.

However, here’s where the other shoe drops and what the comment made me realize. I enjoy playing a role with a person, once, maybe twice and after that it is stale and boring.

Have you experienced that?



Too much role play for Bat Girl?

She Put the Fire In My Backside

fm159 Oh boy, did I ever get it. Towards the end of our last trip, I thought the paddling’s did not feel the same. I guessed that I was changing, old age or something. Last week, when Becall told me to bend over, she remarked that it was a good thing that she was holding back. I asked her why was she holding back.  She shrugged her shoulders and said I just was, but I am not now, bend over. When the first lick landed I knew she had somehow gotten out of the habit of whacking me full force. Did it ever burn. She proceeded to lay on seven more with the principals paddle and I was on fire. In a good way.

Next I got 10 with the stingy pine paddle paddle. It was an effort to take them. She knocked me forward with every lick. As much as it burned, I was glad to be back in that place. I thought that I had entered a new era, where I was immune from such feelings.

Well, I got the same kind of paddling today and she promised another one Thursday. This is a good thing right?

Give Me A Break

A popular, but now defunct spanking blogger, recently related his adventures at a spanking party. He had never attended a party and this was a f/m only event. He wrote candidly about his experiences and was not always complementary about the other people. That he ended his Blog telling others to NEVER EVER reveal their true identity, leds me to believe that some at the event took exception to his whining and maybe were going to show up at his home and kick his butt?
BTW, we have been to dozens of parties. Hundreds of people know our real names. Being outed has never been a problem for us or anyone else we have known.
He wrote about one woman who approached him to make a date to spank him. He wrote that he had seen this woman beat another man and did not care for her style. My response to someone that I do not care to play with would be, Thanks, but no thanks. His reply was Is this consensual? What??? Someone you do not know asks to beat the hell out of you and all you want to know is if it is consensual or not. Give me a break. Being submissive does not require acting as a doormat.

This lass seems to be engaged in a consensual activity. You be too.

bondage_ purple_bound

The Stage Was Empty

My fav spanking Blogs are are dropping by the wayside. Perhaps new authors will step up to the plate to to amuse us?



I got the weekly site report last night. It showed traffic in half last Thursday, the day I upgraded to the new template. It showed zero visits over the weekend. I thought OK, no one liked the recent posts, but you would have to come to Our Bottoms Burns and read a post before you decide you have had enough.

It hit me before I went to sleep, upgrading to the new template dropped the stat counter.

We are going camping for a week. See you next Monday.


The Pain Slut

In one of the first Blogs, I termed myself a pain slut. I tried to describe how I like a short, hard, bare bottom paddling. The opposite of what Becall likes.

I was reading the Recidavist today, where he described getting 100 licks on the bare and it reminded me that I am the odd one when it comes to how I like it. After 30-40 licks, the endorphins numb my bottom. Anything after that leads to a sore bottom later, but it does not sting/burn at the time. In fact, it’s boring.

Last week, Becall had given me about 10 licks when the doorbell rang. We had to answer it and by the time our visitor left, the endorphins had numbed me, so more licks were useless.

I have paddled women hard, fast and long. I have been amazed that they could take it. I was out of breath and they were no where near their limits. No tears, no distress.

I could paddle one woman about two dozen licks, stimulate her to orgasm and repeat it all afternoon. As far as I could determine, she had no limits on licks or orgasms. Bless her heart. I wish I could do that!

Becall likes a LONG warmup over her panties, then another long set on her bare bottom, finishing with some harder licks. What most call a good girl spanking.

How do you like it ?

Paddled in a Panty Girdle

Some folks don’t care to read accounts of men who are fond of wearing panties. If you are one of them, then you will want to skip this Blog entry.

As I have written here before, I think spanking and panties go together. I not only like to spank women in attractive lingerie, I like to wear panties before a spanking. I like the smooth feeling of touching them on me and Becall.

A week or so before we got home, a long time fetish of mine reappeared. I woke up dreaming about panty girdles. I like for us to both dress wearing matching panty girdles. Not those serious looking girdles, only the ones they call light control – panties with Lycra. We had not taken any with us on the trip and I felt in the mood to buy new ones. And so we did. We got these in black.

They arrived on a Saturday and we were up early Sunday morning like kids at Christmas. We took baths, donned our new attire, got out the black paddle, tuned each other up and turned each other on.

Quite naughty wouldn’t you agree?

Too much is not enough. We repeated it again today.

Based on the hair color and the car I would say this lass is Scottish. Nice lingerie. Is that a crop in her hand?


This is a serious body shaper.  She might be a good spanker.


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A New Look

Blogger has been nagging me for over a year to change to one of their new templates. And so I have. It does look a little better. If I had a smidgen of artistic talent in me, I would spiff it up. In my next life perhaps.

I added a widget that show Followers. Hi there! I hope the show is worthwhile. Do I now suck up and plead for more followers so it looks like this is a popular Blog? Nah.

I seldom label posts. Perhaps the Label Widget [at the bottom of the right bar] will remind me to do that? I guess I could go back and label prior posts.

OK, enough on the new template. How about some gratuitous pictures of women showing their assets? Gratuitous means needless, superfluous. These pictures are in lieu of pictures of my bottom. Now while Becall thinks I have a cute one, she candidly admits that gravity is having an effect. So with that in mind these pictures are not so gratuitous after all. Are they?





I found these on Goodshit. Every bottom is most spankable.

It’s Love Our Lurkers Day

To our lurkers: Try something different today – on your special day!

Hundreds of Blogs are encouraging you to post a comment. Just a Hello would be appreciated. You don’t have to share your life story, unless you want to. You don’t even have to give a name.

To those that have yet to “come out” to other spanking enthusiasts, I strongly encourage you to delurk. I can almost guarantee you will start to like yourself better. I am serious about that.