I don’t get it

I love spanking. But, I do not understand DD for men or women. I have written about that subject several times. I just cannot imagine adults consistently engaging in behavior that would “earn” them a spanking. Yes, I have known women that acted out to get spanked. The spankings did not deter future tantrums. I suppose it is the same with some men.

The author of the popular Blog Spanked Hubby, earns spankings from his wife. They then make up and enjoy sex. I think I understand how that works. It’s a subterfuge, but if it makes them happy, good for them.

He writes of one couple at a spanking party. This I cannot get, as it seems the spanking was not fun at any time. Perhaps he is a true masochistic?

Can you explain it to me?

Spanked Hubby

2 thoughts on “I don’t get it”

  1. I'm not sure I can explain it apart from saying to each their own.

    I like to think that at some point this man agreed to such treatment or else it seems like abuse to me.

    Perhaps it was a ruse of some sort or he is just immature so she treats him like a child. Who knows, except them but it does sound like an odd thing to see at a spanking party. What I have read of them there is usually more enjoyment than this.


  2. Dear Bogey
    I suspect that spankers and spankees fall into 3 categories.

    The first might be singles and couples who enjoy some gentle and maybe not so gentle, warming of their bottoms as a prelude to sex or even perhaps during sex, when their partner’s bottom is exposed in say a doggy style penetration.

    The second category could be where the spanko is seriously infatuated with bottoms and with light to medium spanking. Unless this person is lucky enough to meet a partner with the same desires then this spanko is probably going to have to visit “paid for” spankers or spankees or maybe just satisfy their urge by consulting the literature and films and fantasising about whatever aspect of spanking turns them on. This infatuated spanko may go through a number of partners in their attempt to meet a fellow spanko and here perhaps the spanking munches or amateur spanking parties can play their part in putting two like minded people together. Role play will generally play a part in their spanking desires but they prefer the game to the pain.

    The third category might be defined as the serial spanko – the person who can’t get spanking out of their head no matter what the time of day. I suspect that these people are into both pain and submission and they can’t get enough of smacking other people’s bottoms or being smacked themselves. This person will seek hard spankings and beatings with a cane to prove themselves and they might well have a different pain endurance level to most of the population. I fall into this category and my partner is only a Category One but I was fortunate enough to be taken seriously when I told her that I wanted to become the submissive partner in our relationship. My bad behaviour is corrected by the hard use of our spanking instruments and these discipline sessions have no connection with our sex lives. We would not attend spanking parties as our DD relationship is a private affair. I would be quite happy to be thrashed every second day or so but my partner enjoys the fact that she and only she decides when I am to be punished.

    Like you I am suspicious that Spanked Hubby is no more than a Category Two spanko. He likes to go across his wife’s knees for a few spanks but is not really a submissive.

    Best wishes

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