Carey, Get Out Your Cane

Oh Carey get out your cane 
And I'll put on some silver
Oh you're a mean old Daddy, but I like you fine

Joni Mitchell was a first, but distant, love of mine. The embers still glow.  These lyrics are from her 1971 album “Blue”. I would wager that she did not mean to imply the use of a cane the way you are thinking. You pervert!


I think the cane is a sensuous implement. Becall loves to hear it swish. Sound is a crucial ingredient of spanking.

Do you want to see more pictures of the cane?

3 thoughts on “Carey, Get Out Your Cane”

  1. I never thought of those Joni Mitchel lyrics that way before. What else would she be talking about? “You're a mean old Daddy?” Hello.

    Yes, love the photo!


  2. Yes, yes, more photos please. I always love your photos and this one is no exception. I like the kissing it has a delicious romantic and lustful look to it. Yum!

    Don't know much about Joni, but I love her song Coyote.


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