What Happens at Spanking Parties?

Well other than spanking, there is a lot of talking and socializing. People seem to warm up to each other at spanking parties very quickly. We have been to dozens of parties, mostly the private types. The few open to the public parties we have attended were not to our liking.

I can still recall talking with women at the first parties we attended and learning that they had the exact same feelings about spanking that I had harbored since I was young. They wanted to be spanked as much as I wanted to spank them. They had gone to some extreme measures in their lives trying to get a spanking from a teacher, boy friend, etc. In short I was not weird. At least concerning spanking.

All the parties we have attended have focused on M/F spanking. F/M spanking have been atypical and usually known only to the participants. M/F spanking have tended to be private affairs, but there have often been public spankings, especially in connection with games and skits. Don’t ever think that women who like to be spanked are shy and modest, they have little apprehension about baring all in front of a crowd. Men, on the other hand, are quite modest.

I don’t mean to bash men, but most male bottoms we have met have been socially inept and difficult to engage in conversation.

I think this extends to Blogging. Consider the number of spanking Blogs written by women who like to be spanked compared to the number of spanking Blogs by men who like to be spanked. 50 to 1? I have exchanged emails, real names and photographs with several women Bloggers, while the count for men is exactly zero. Most men post comments anonymously, while women use a name. Why is that?

7 thoughts on “What Happens at Spanking Parties?”

  1. It is an interesting point you make and I often noticed when I wrote f/m fiction though the story would get a lot of reads it would get few comments from men who enjoy spanking.


  2. I love to spank my wife and to be spanked by her, never get nearly enough of either! Spanking parties sounds great, but I know I would be very shy about dropping trou in front of others, although the thought of having a “strange” women tell me to do so is very arousing.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog.

  3. MRBILL, I wrote “F/M spanking have been atypical and usually known only to the participants”. So had you been at a gathering where we were, no one would have known, unless you told.

  4. I am an adult male looking for an otk bare bottom spanking. I hope to find a women soon who will put me over her knee.

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