Four Sets of Eight

I was well toasted this morning. I was needy for a spanking and some frenetic sex. So was Becall. I asked for eight on the front of my legs with batten, followed by eight each with the Myrtlewood paddle, pine paddle and the ever fashionable red paddle. She had me OTK for the Myrtlewood. [They were no very hard. Afterwards, she said she did not have that good of angle. Hmmm and so why did she not get the right angle before proceeding. I will discuss that with her in a day or two]

She made up for the first set, with the pine paddle. She had me bend over the couch and laid them on with gusto.

I was back over her lap for the final eight with the red paddle. No surprise, she delivered them fast.

We then made the double humped monster and we both came quickly.

I wish that I could write torrid spanking sex scenes like Bonnie, but it’s just not in me.

More the next time we get some bandwidth.

One thought on “Four Sets of Eight”

  1. Hehe, the 'double humped monster', can't say I've heard that one before. Glad to read you are still enjoying yourselves, in all respect.


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