Being Sent For The Paddle

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Bonnie asked the question: Asking a spankee to retrieve an implement is a well-known and often celebrated ritual. There is something unnerving about having to locate, pick up, examine, carry, and deliver the very object that will soon be applied to one’s bottom.

We did not get a chance to post a response before the comments were summarized, but I thought it was a significant question and I wanted to post an expanded response.

Being sent for the paddle, does nothing for Becall. She prefers to pick out the toys she wants used on her, to ensure she gets what she wants when she wants it. I am of the same mind. Although every now and then, I do want her to pick the paddles she wants to use on me.

With one woman that I paddle, I sometimes put out all the paddles and let her select. She will take a few minutes studying them and without fail, select a big one for her petite bottom. I never fail to put her selection to good use. I don’t hold back a bit. It works for both of us.

As a kid, having to cut your own switch was a tried and true method of pre-punishment. My stomach did flips, my knees went wobbly and the tears started before the first cut of the switch landed on my legs.

Being sent for the paddle was used in my grade school. My earliest recollection is when I was in the first grade. I was sent to the school principal, for causing some disturbance in the classroom. After a lecture, she sent me to ask the lunchroom supervisor for the paddle. I later learned that she had several paddles in her office, but that she liked to use this method to humiliate kids. It worked, since I was in tears when I asked the supervisor for the paddle.

After returning the paddle to her, she sent me to the boys’ bathroom to wait on her. This was another way to humble me, since she always waited until after my class had a bathroom break, until she would attend to me. The other boys would figure out why I could not leave the bathroom and kid me about it and I would feel even weaker in the knees, dreading what I knew was coming.

That was then. I no longer am capable of getting such feelings before or during a paddling. I suppose the difference is that I am in control of my fate.

I have thought about being sent for the paddle in a fantasy spanking community. In this neighborhood, all of your neighbors would share your percussive interests. Imagine being sent to a neighbor to get a paddle or to get a paddling. Picture the kidding that could take place. Can you see in your mind’s eye having to display your bottom when you returned the paddle?

PS we still think My Bottom Smarts is the most intelligent and original spanking Blog out there. I wish I could write spanking stories like she does. Hot, hot, hot.

Four Sets of Eight

I was well toasted this morning. I was needy for a spanking and some frenetic sex. So was Becall. I asked for eight on the front of my legs with batten, followed by eight each with the Myrtlewood paddle, pine paddle and the ever fashionable red paddle. She had me OTK for the Myrtlewood. [They were no very hard. Afterwards, she said she did not have that good of angle. Hmmm and so why did she not get the right angle before proceeding. I will discuss that with her in a day or two]

She made up for the first set, with the pine paddle. She had me bend over the couch and laid them on with gusto.

I was back over her lap for the final eight with the red paddle. No surprise, she delivered them fast.

We then made the double humped monster and we both came quickly.

I wish that I could write torrid spanking sex scenes like Bonnie, but it’s just not in me.

More the next time we get some bandwidth.