I asked for it, she delivered it

Becall toasted my bottom yesterday. I asked for it and she delivered it. I asked her if I should wear anything special and told me to wear a thong that I had not thought about in a long time. It’s red, of course.

She launched the session giving me two-dozen of her best with the batten on my thighs. I was striped front and back. [all gone today] Next I was on all fours and she was straddling me bringing the Principal’s paddle downward on my exposed bottom. I may not be submissive, but I sure feel vulnerable in that position. A delicious feeling. After twelve swats, I was quite red.

She finished me off with another dozen using the stingy white pine paddle. I managed to stay in position for the all the licks and she remarked on that.

I felt well paddled – my thighs were smarting, the heavy paddle had gotten to the deep tissues and the light paddle stung the surface of the skin.

I think you can imagine what happened next.

4 thoughts on “I asked for it, she delivered it”

  1. I applaud your attitude of asking for something you want. I tend to wait and hope for something and have been pleasantly surprised on those occasions when I asked my wife for something and she happily gave it to me! After 20 years of marriage, it would seem like an easy thing to communicate, particularly since we have been involved in spanking and bondage since we were dating.
    We have always had a tradition of birthday spankings, but once a year is not nearly enough. I will try to take some inspiration from your relationship and ask for what I want to receive and give.

  2. We have both found it sexy to talk about what we want from the other. Yes, it did take awhile to feel comfortable asking to have a fantasy played out.

    We have found it helpful to talk to each other in the warm afterglow of sex about how the session went. Sometimes, just a sincere thank you for paddling me. Other times, more feedback.

  3. You are a fortunate man, and it seems as if you know what you need and so does your beloved. Does she ever decorate your ass with the beautiful welts of a cane?

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