Photographs and Men and Women

It is raining. It has been raining for two days. It is forecast to rain for a few more. I do not have internet access in this isolated district, but I do have plenty of solar power to run the computer. So this will be a long post. I hope you find something of interest in it.

Photographs of men spanking women can have appeal to both genders. A man can imagine himself spanking the woman as easily as a woman can insert herself into the photograph and be spanked by the handsome man.

I am doubtful that photographs of women spanking men are equally admired by both genders. Men that do not bottom pan them, as do most women. I think that most of this inequality is nothing more than the reflection of our culture that men should be dominate, at least in certain situations. The thought of a woman inflicting what our society views as juvenile punishment to a man, for even a transitory period, is simply beyond the views of nearly every woman. Clearly, what is OK for the goose, is not favorably accepted to be given to the gander.

We have known several couples where each switched; but precious few couples who switch with each other. And even those that do seem to have some problems with it. I have tried to explore this on several online forums from time-to-time, but I have not gotten much feedback on it. The most common response is a disbelief that it can be rewarding to both of us. The accepted norm for switch couples is switch with others, to preserve the traditional dominate/submissive roles in their own relationship.

This makes us exceedingly unique and probably bizarre to most. We will live with it as we are quite happy.

Yes, sometime Becall wants it to be all about her. That’s fine, I understand. I know her buttons and I push them. I am naturally dominate and gleefully sadistic. She is willingly submissive and takes what I give. It’s a force fantasy for her. As soon as we are done, she reverts to her normal demeanor, which is decidedly not subservient. [Think of the diplomacy of an Airborne regiment, if you were to cross her] Which suits me fine. I could not have a relationship with a woman who could not take care of herself, who wanted me to make all the decisions.

If you have read this far, you wondering where the visual treats are.

OK, here is one we both like. If I am right, you can see yourself as one of the people in the picture. The woman seems to project a little defiance, but at the same time will be delighted to bend over the bench and feel the cane.

The next picture will appeal to many males who bottom. However, I suspect the only women that will find it appealing are those infinitesimal few that really enjoy spanking a man.

The picture both pulls me in and pushes me back. It would have more appeal to me if she had even a modest smile. I know she is looking stern for a reason, but that is not how I play. Still, it’s great outfit, fitted blouse, short skirt – right out of the early 70’s. She sure looks like she knows how to use that serious looking paddle. Perhaps she would consent to smile a little and give me a trial paddling?

Traveling Again

We are traveling again and we will be in some “dark” places where there is no cell coverage. So posts will be irregular for the next few months. So if we can not post, you can post comments. Why not? Ask questions. Just don’t expect a response soon.

If you had been at an undisclosed location in New Mexico Saturday you might have heard Becall and I taking turns bending over.

This lass has some attractive panties and a decent bottom. Don’t you think?

Spanking as Punishment

The last time I wrote about the ineffectuality of spanking as adult punishment, The Girl With a Broken Paddle posted a comment that said what I was trying to say with, but with fewer words. It seems she did learn something from her “punishment spankings”.

When I first got into spanking, punishment spanking was something that I thought I wanted, but then as I went along, I realized I wanted it too much.

Spanking as a consequence for bad behavior doesn’t really work for me, because it does nothing to discourage it.

I do enjoy all the “you’ve been naughty” talk, but talk is all it really is.

Spanking is too much fun for me to take seriously anymore. 🙂

I asked for it, she delivered it

Becall toasted my bottom yesterday. I asked for it and she delivered it. I asked her if I should wear anything special and told me to wear a thong that I had not thought about in a long time. It’s red, of course.

She launched the session giving me two-dozen of her best with the batten on my thighs. I was striped front and back. [all gone today] Next I was on all fours and she was straddling me bringing the Principal’s paddle downward on my exposed bottom. I may not be submissive, but I sure feel vulnerable in that position. A delicious feeling. After twelve swats, I was quite red.

She finished me off with another dozen using the stingy white pine paddle. I managed to stay in position for the all the licks and she remarked on that.

I felt well paddled – my thighs were smarting, the heavy paddle had gotten to the deep tissues and the light paddle stung the surface of the skin.

I think you can imagine what happened next.