The Spankings Continue

The sun rises, the moon rises, the spankings continue. Last Friday, Becall got a full going over with restraints. Wrists cuffs secured at head height, ankle cuffs to a spreader bar. I used a total of 13 toys on her. We both like rear entry. Have you ever tried it with something around the woman’s waist, like a folded towel, with the man holding one end in each hand?

This morning it was me on the receiving end. Becall decided our reinforced leather slapper was not getting enough use, so she used it on me. Then it was the trusty stingy red paddle. First, she paddled hard and fast. Then she sprayed my bottom with glycerin and water and applied the red paddle. Spray, paddle, spray, paddle. One was cool, the other was hot.

One thought on “The Spankings Continue”

  1. I do love to read of the fun you and Becall have. Of course I would rather be doing it than reading of it but that is another story.


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