Not much of a Blog today

I want to Blog about some of the women I have spanked who could take a licking and then another one and…but I have just not been in the writing mood – perhaps because I am so looking forward to our next trip. Anywho, I am running low in the spirit to Blog. Judging by the Blogs I follow, others are feeling the same way. Many have not posted for two weeks or longer. Are they looking forward to trips also?

I asked Becall for a paddling yesterday. We both took showers and got “dressed”. I was laying on the bed before she was through fixing her face. I said, Are you going to paddle me or what? That had an effect on her. She feigned to be perturbed and went into role play as the meanie who was going to paddle me until the cows come home. She told me I was going to say I was sorry for the remark and got me into position for one of our stingy paddles. I took the first 20 with no effort. She then switched to a lighter paddle, also known for its stinginess. She had me going from the first few licks. I was squirming around and she was not giving me any breaks. She likes to paddle fast and she was paddling me faster than I could absorb them. After 22, she said “That’s 22 are you going to say you are sorry?” I had forgotten about her admonishing me to apologize. So I hastily said I was sorry and she toasted me another half dozen times.

Later I told her she had really paddled me fast. She smiled and said “Not as fast as I wanted to”.

The Spankings Continue

The sun rises, the moon rises, the spankings continue. Last Friday, Becall got a full going over with restraints. Wrists cuffs secured at head height, ankle cuffs to a spreader bar. I used a total of 13 toys on her. We both like rear entry. Have you ever tried it with something around the woman’s waist, like a folded towel, with the man holding one end in each hand?

This morning it was me on the receiving end. Becall decided our reinforced leather slapper was not getting enough use, so she used it on me. Then it was the trusty stingy red paddle. First, she paddled hard and fast. Then she sprayed my bottom with glycerin and water and applied the red paddle. Spray, paddle, spray, paddle. One was cool, the other was hot.

I am a Pain Slut

In one of the first posts to this Blog, I called myself a pain slut and attempted to describe what I meant by the term. [Pain Slut]

I know others can take more licks, and probably harder licks than what I get. But that is not what I mean by calling myself a pain slut. I only mean that I do not want a warm-up. I found that warm-ups allow the endorphins to dull the pain. I want to get all of my licks before the endorphins have time to mitigate the sting. Endorphin high? It has never happened to me. I can only surmise that some people can enjoy them while others are not able to. We are all a chemistry trick.

As I stated in that earlier post, I did not start out as a pain slut, it happened over a long period of time. By the end of the transition I always wanted a serious paddle used full force on my bare bottom right from the start.

You might think that such a paddling would not be sexually stimulating, but it is for me.

The video clip is of a lad getting a bare bottom paddling. The first lick is as hard as the last -there is no warm-up. There are two differences between his paddling and what I enjoy – speed and length. I have no idea how he is able to stay in position. She lays them on hard and fast and gives him over a 120 licks. Yeow!