Still Alive Here

The activity level of the Blogs I follow has been very low the last three weeks. Ditto here. It must be something going around? Spring pollen?

The spankings continue here. Nothing special, you have read all about it before. Something new or different will happen soon. It always does.

Every time, Becall gets that gleam in her eyes to paddle me OTK, I develop a deeper respect for that position. I can take forceful pops with serious paddles when I am standing and bent over. When OTK, a half dozen pops with a hairbrush have me wiggling around.

I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do. It is well posed.

5 thoughts on “Still Alive Here”

  1. Dustymarbles;This is a very nice image,but for me I want to be ordered to get on the bed and my wife preparing to use the tools.Dustymarbles

  2. Well Dusty, we are quite different if she does not elicit a strong desire to light a fire in her bottom. She is begging for it.On some other day I would love to be “ordered” to take a paddling from her. But today would be all for her.

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