Time Flies

Big things, like mountains, do not change very quickly. Little things, in the human world, change speedily. Hemlines go up and down; well they did until most women adopted pants. I grew up with women in girdles and slips. Seen any of those lately? In 1955, it was thought that soon a new Chevrolet would cost more than $2,000. Maybe next year you will not be able to buy a new Chevrolet?

I also grew up with pubic hair. That too has changed as this Playboy cartoon depicts.


The spankings continue. We just have not been inspired to write about them. Maybe next week?

Coming to you today a few keys north of Cayo Weso, where the temperature is a pleasant 79.

One thought on “Time Flies”

  1. lol… funny, but true. Actually no hair is the thing now. So if anything, the change has been even more extreme.🙂Todd & Suzy

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