Is it warmer in Florida?

Yes, it is, but it is not as warm as I think it should be.

We have warmed each other up a few times and more fun is just around the corner. I will try and post something more interesting in a few days.

For now, I present you with another strange photo. This one of some girls that seem really anxious about a ruler.

One thought on “Is it warmer in Florida?”

  1. Is it warmer than what? The South Pole? It’s freezing right now. I mean, it’s so bad that I’ve actually had to use the HEAT!!!! Oh, the humanity!We had to turn on the air a few times in December but now it’s that strange button with the word “heat” on it.I don’t know if I can handle it. It’s only supposed to get up to 65 degrees today. That will mean I might not be able to wear shorts when I throw a baseball with my son.And my friends in the NorthEast think they have it tough. Give me a break. The wind chill here could drop it to as low as 63 degrees. They don’t know what real suffering is!

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